Chapter (12) Part 1

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I thought you guys would possibly kill me if I left such an awful cliff hanger, so this is the next part of the next chapter. I didn’t have time to write it all, sorry! So will have to break it down into two parts. I’m rather excited about part 2 of this chapter ;) May’s birthday will be eventful!

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Chapter 12 Part 1

Isabella’s POV

“His in recovery.” The pack doctor told us, as we all got up from the seats in the waiting room as soon as he entered the waiting room. “He should make a full recovery.”

Those words were like magic to my ears. I couldn’t ask for anything else. Alpha Jordan, an older man followed in soon after the pack doctor.

“Thank you so much.” I choked and then reached out a hand for him “You didn’t have to offer your help and I cannot tell you how much this means to me.”

“Your son is a sweet boy.” He smiled gently at me “Plus, I was sure if I hadn’t helped Ryan, may have challenged me for Alpha on the spot.”

I glanced at Ryan and he looked slightly guilty while pulling Serenity back into his chest. Ryan’s efforts had saved Cooper, I owed him as much as the Alpha in front of me.

“His awake?” Chase’s spoke up “You said he is a sweet boy, so you must have spoken to him?”

Chase had barely coped through the hours await. I had stopped him at least twice from storming out of here and going to find what was going on.

“Yes he is awake.” Alpha Jordan beamed at us “I can show you the way.” He gestured a hand for us to follow him.

Chase reached out and took my hand and I leant my head against his shoulder briefly before we followed. All the worrying now over, Cooper was fine.

“So, are you all nomads?” The Alpha asked over his shoulder as we walked behind him “I know Ryan and Serenity are, but I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting rest of you.”

I don’t think one of us was up to chit chat, after what we had just gone through. Our emotions were wrenched and I knew I wouldn’t feel completely relaxed till I saw my son.

I pulled the sleeve of my jumper down slightly more, covering the scar on my arm. The only scar which related me back to my past.

“Yes.” Chase answered for us.

“Which crown do you follow?” The Alpha asked “Or do you also choice not to follow one?” His voice was full of interest and not judgement.

Serenity tapped me on the shoulder, I glanced back at her. She mouthed ‘Griffin’ to me, frowning I turned back around.

“Griffin.” I said calmly. The Alpha spun around with a grin on his face.

“Well then, we have that in common.” He came to a stop at a closed door “Today’s efforts are not in vein then, we have saved a follower of the Griffin throne. Our King would be pleased.” He pushed open the door, with a wide grin.

I couldn’t look back at him, mainly because I hated lying to this friendly man. I wondered briefly what he would think knowing he actually saved the King’s son and that Serenity and I are both Blackmore’s.

I couldn’t give it much more thought, as I saw Cooper shifting in a large bed. Dropping Chase’s hand I quickly went and sat on the edge of the bed, taking Cooper’s hand.

He was alive. He gripped my hand tightly and I reached out and placed a hand on his cheek before leaning my forehead against him.

He was alive, nothing else mattered.

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