Chapter Two

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Phil didn't see Dan for a few days after that. Not like he minded too much, of course, but he wondered why the school allowed the boy to skip classes when they got on everyone else's asses about it. Rumours, of course, told Phil that Dan was being used as an undercover agent for the academy, allowing Dan to get away with a lot of shit. He didn't believe a thing anyone was trying to tell him, going by his mum's words and refusing to judge a person until he knew them personally.

On the brighter side, Phil seemed to have been accepted into the class relatively quickly. He had been lowkey worried about it, wondering if people would shun him because he had gotten to the academy so late in his life.But If anything, that just made him more likeable because apparently he had had really good control over his powers for the government not to have picked up on them for so long. His classmates repeatedly asked him for his secrets, how he controlled it so well, also asking him to 'do that cool water thingy again'. Apparently element-based powers were pretty hard to come by, which explained Dan's popularity despite his asshole behavior.

"Do you feel as if you've settled in well?" Principal Glickstern asked as Phil was heading out of class. He had only been there for three days, which was three days too long in his opinion.

Phil nodded slowly, trying to dissect the look from the guy's face, coming up with nothing. "It's fine," he replied with a smile. "Everybody is really nice."

The principal nodded as if he expected the answer and his eyes showed no emotion towards what Phil was saying. "Today, students go off to their assigned power groups. There are five groups of power abilities: Somatic, Latent, Special, Technical, and Dangerous. Somatic is emotion and pheromone based powers, such as talking to animals. Latent is the common powers, like telekinesis or teleportation. Special ability is for those who don't fit in any category, and Technical is for those who are able to build things or who are above average in technical knowledge." His eyes raked over Phil's body, making him shuffle nervously. "Last is the dangerous ability class, reserved specifically for those with dangerous powers."

Phil cocked his head and bit his lip, the feeling in the stomach getting worse. "And which class am I in?"

Eyes, completely void of feeling. "Dangerous."

Phil's eyes widened. "I don't think-? But my ability isn't dangerous?"

Principal Glickstern waved his hand, dismissing his confusion. "Water can do a lot of damage, Phil Lester. It has already been decided that your ability is danger-."

"I swear to god, if you put him in the dangerous ability class, I will personally burn you to a crisp," a cold voice snarled. Phil whipped his head around to stare at Dan in shock as the brunette conjured a ball of flames in one hand.

"Daniel Howell," Principal Glickstern sneered. "Why are you defending this boy?"

Dan's eyes glanced over to Phil's face for a second before rolling them and looking back at the principal. "I'm not defending him," he muttered. "But the guy is basically harmless. Water? Please! He couldn't even squish a bug if he tried. That guy is as far away from dangerous as you can get."

The principal moved closer to Dan, so their faces were almost level. "If Phil joins the class, you will have less work to do, Dan. Wouldn't you like that?"

Dan visibly stiffened, red warning flags going up in Phil's mind. But Dan only shrugged it off, scoffing. "Give me double, I don't give a shit. Phil Lester is not being in the dangerous ability class if he wants to live."

Phil's eyebrows rose so high he imagined them blending into his hairline. "I won't bother you, Dan, if that's what you're worried about," he stated warmly, giving the brunette a small smile.

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