Chapter One

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The day back at school Aimee had almost completely forgotten about the encounter with the giant, black wolf. She wanted to run to the police station, but the voice in the back of her mind kept nagging her not too. She went home that night with those grey and blue eyes that looked her into the eyes. Aimee was never the one to look too much into things. After all she was the schools bad girl. Destroying school property, egging Principle Montgomery’s lawn, and keying other people’s cars.

Aimee walked into the big glass double doors of Weston High School. People suddenly became quiet and the smirk on Aimee’s face couldn’t get any bigger. She liked the feeling she got when people were scared of her. It’s not like she wore skulls and all black clothing. In fact she wore the exact opposite.Today she wore dark jeans with a white tank-top with her name airbrushed on the front in dark blue and green and purple; and a leather jacket. Her thin auburn, layered hair was in a pony tail with her bangs hanging just above her eyes. She wore light make-up with mascara made her different colored eyes stand out more. She topped her whole outfit with some bright orange lipstick.

She walked through the school liked she owned the place, which she did. Her only problem was Keegan Rawson, AKA Blade. They were rivals since freshman year when he stink bombed Mr. Monogram’s car right after Aimee painted it pink and put her initial in purple on every side. He only topped it off by setting it off by making it go off when Mr. Monogram was driving. He was out in the hospital for weeks and the school couldn’t find any substitutes so everyone in the class got free hour.

Every since then they have been rivals. He made her prank seem lame and if anything made her mad being called lame made everything for people worse. In the total of two years, Aimee had done some serious damage to the school, her classmates, and all the school staff. There has always been rumors that Aimee and Blade would start dating cause they are alike; Scary, rude, mean. Everything you could think of they were alike.

As Aimee walked to her locker, she found Leah Trent. She is just as bad as Aimee, but Leah had limits to things she did. Normally she wouldn’t do things at school in front of people like Aimee did or do things to Mrs. Montgomery. She some what wanted to go to college. Leah was never as pretty as Aimee was, but she doesn’t admit it to herself. She wanted to feel confident, not the second wheel. She wanted to feel the way Aimee did when she scared people by just walking in through the door. She scared people, too but people didn’t run screaming for their mom’s when she even looked in someone’s way. She knew she’d be the one everyone was afraid of. Soon… she thought to herself. She smiled at the air and walked over to Aimee.

“Hey.” Aimee said causally to Leah. She flashed her straight white teeth before going over to a nerdy girl and took her unopened bottle of flavored water and walked back to Leah. “So what did you spot in the woods? You never told me.” Leah asked. Aimee looked up from the ground and saw Blade standing there by his locker. His eyes were fixated on her as if he was listening to what she was about to say. She opened her mouth to reply, but the voice started talking to her again.

 Don’t do it Aimee…

Oh now the voice knows my name, she thought to herself. “I saw… nothing?” She said asking herself if she was willing to believe herself. She could tell by Leah’s look that she didn’t believe her one bit.

“Oh yeah? You seemed pretty unsure about it.” Aimee was unsure. She was scared the voice inside her would become real and do something to her. Not that she was terrified of what it would do, she’s been in many fights before and won and half the fights were fist fights with guys twenty times bigger than her.

“I’m sure.” Leah nodded and went to her class. Aimee looked around the almost empty hallway and spotted Blade again. His dark eyes were still boring into her. She felt fragile all of a sudden and she didn’t like it one bit. She thought of her first class and realized to get to it, she had to go past Blade. She swallowed hard and made her way down the hall. She wasn’t scared of Blade he just made her uncomfortable.

As she got closer to him, she noticed how tall and muscular he gotten. He was now at least 6’4 now and definitely muscular. She let her eyes wonder all over his hard body. He was wearing dark jeans and white V-neck. She could easily see his pack underneath and was almost sure she felt drool drip out from the corners of her mouth and her eyes bulge. There could be many things to describe him right now and that would be straight up SEXY as number one, she thought to herself. She strutted past him and turned her nose up as if there was no affect on her. As she past she could have sworn she heard a small growl coming from where she was walking, but there was no way to find out. She was already down the hall and to her classroom. When she looked back, Blade was gone. She frowned and opened the door to the classroom, completely ignoring the teacher scolding her to get a tardy and sat down at the empty seat by the window and zoned out the world around her. Something about being around Blade even for a second sent her off and she wasn’t having it…  not anymore. She thought. Oh, it was so on.


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