Touch Me, I like it.

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Hey guys this is my new story please enjoy sorry for misspled words.




"It's okay I like it rough." I said. Thats was the day. The day me Candace Papiner became a whore. You could tell this story kinda like Easy A but my life wasnt as easy as hers. She had a car parents that didn't care and a little black adopted step-brother.

See my life was ALOT harder. I didn't live in California I lived in the projects. The Ghetto. My older brother takes care of me and I have a baby sister. My brother is 22. I'm 17. But this story does take unexpected turns.

In fact into a whole new life actually. But you have to read to find out. In life I realized I was dieing for attention. I can't tell you more. READ!!!!

Chapter 1: Newsflash

"That was great baby." Nick my very common client said while putting his pants on. I was getting pretty bored of Nick. He was my first. I lost my V-card to him 3 years ago the day I turned into a whore.

I only sleep with hot guys but I still make them do my homework or whatever. My favorite client that I dont charge is recently a guy named Vinny. I have had him for 1 year and he was the best I ever had and still is.

They say who ever you slept with the other person slept with. Well whatever I use portection. He grabbed his bag kissed me on the cheek and left. After he left I wiped it off. I was sick of him. I pulled my damp hair in a ponytail.

I sighed Vinny was coming over after this but he said he didn't wanna have sex. I wish I could be a normal girl. Have a boyfriend and a normal life normal girl. I really wanna recreate my self I ran to the shower as the hot water relaxed my body.

I tensed when I heard a knock at the door. "Wh-who is it?" I asked who knows what could in this town. "Vinny is downstairs." It was my brother Miguel. He hates what I do and all the boys I do it with.

I hurried up out the shower threw my hair in a messy bun put on underwear pink cheetah print booty shorts, and a white tank. I ran downstairs and tried to look as sexy as I could. "Hey baby." I said seductivly.

He chuckled. I noticed he was holding my 8 month baby sister, Carmen. My mom left right after she had her. "You talking to me or the baby." He asked I laughed. He placed the baby in her crib and kissed her forehead. I smiled.

Miguel hates Vinny the most probaly because he makes me happy the most. I walked over and kissed him romantically till Miguel came in and broke it up. I laughed. My dad left when my mom said she was pregnat.

I hate to say this but I lost all respect for my mom and dad. I found out my dad was the father of 5 other kids. He probaly ran off to Las Vegas to find another wife, and women to immpregnat. Or whatever.

"Come on lets go upstairs" I said as I headed to my room. With messy sheets. He didn't know what I did but I wish he'd be my boyfriend. He thinks were friends with benefits but I wanted alot more. "Uh messy sheets." He said

"Yeah lets go to the family room." We headed down stairs to a room with candles and a beautiful smell, with a plasma TV. Hey even though I lived in the ghetto didnt mean I couldn't have an awsome house.