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*Mike's POV*

The bitter cold still hit me but the adrenaline was sure to keep me warm for a while.

I had stopped at a rock wall and saw the building I was sure curious about and hid behind it, peeking to see what was going on.

"Jesus," I whispered. "That's not good. That's really not good."

Ahead, I saw what it seemed to be the same man but he had a wolf with him. What was going on here?

"Dammit," I said under my breath.

The wolves were standing beside the man. This gave me some kind of clue. They must be working for this guy. The question was why were they going inside of the sanatorium?

"Let's get a closer look," I decided as I put the lantern down and climbed over the wall.

I took the lantern then jumped down the wall before I walked toward the entrance.

I heard howls nearby. Could they be from inside of the sanatorium? That was where the wolves were and maybe the wolves were the source of the howls.

I arrived at the door then turned the knob, unsure if it was locked or not. To my surprise, the door opened. I walked inside of this place which was definitely strange.

The building felt broken. Stairs blocked from broken concrete. Just broken concrete everywhere. Who destroyed this place? I found clues on the way, a lot of stuff about this possibly psycho killer and crazy shit about 1952

I walked up to another door and saw a small socket opening for me to look at what could be happening behind these doors.

It was a figure, a man for sure and two wolves. This had to be the same man who was walking into the sanatorium with the wolves. My eyes widened at the sight.

"What the..." I gasped.

I looked down at the doorknob and tried to turn it but the door was locked. There was a sign just above the door that read: Chapel Security Pass Required.

Dammit! I needed to find a pass to get to the the chapel. I had to find a way to get one.

I went into the Admin area. There were empty shelves, small cubbies and it was dark and broken. I was for sure wanting to know who in the hell trashed this place.

I turned to my left and found a safe lock. Perfect! Maybe there was something in there.

My heart was beating fast as I heard the continuous sounds of howls probably coming from the wolves. Despite this, I was brave and determined as hell to find out the clues about this.

I stopped and found a large piece of wood on the floor.

"Whoa," I said. "Someone really wanted to take a peak inside."

I picked it up and with all my might, I tried to open the safe. The safe door opened and the wood broke in half. I wasn't distraught about that at all.

I found something interesting in there that I was curious about. I picked up a stack of papers and turned it over and saw a note that read: 30 Clocking In Name Cards.

"Oh shit," I whispered. "Look at this."

Apparently, this had some information about who was working in this place. I've already read a letter about this place. This began to spark up my curiosity a bit.

I put it down and got out of the area and walked to the left again and saw a broken camera. What was this all about? I put the camera down and continued forward.

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