Night At The Grammy's |Part 2|

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An:// So Many of you wanted part 2, so here it is & thanks for the idea @BeliebInFL

"That's enough for tonight," Justin said making them all whine and groan. You laughed looking at your kids how interested there in at how you and Justin met.

"Please tell us what happend daddy!" Your 6 year old son Mason asked. "Yeah! Tell us what happend!" Your two younger daughters Allison and Adriana who are both 4 years old asked.

"It's 9 o'clock, I'll tell you the rest tomorrow, now it's time for you guys to go get some sleep."

"Adriana, Allison... Come on let's get out of Mason's room." He held out his hand and they sighed grabbing both of his hands.

"Night Mase!" They both said, you smiled and tucked in Mason before cutting off the light walking with Justin and the kids.

"So, your really not going to tell us the rest of the story, daddy!" They both groaned crawling into there beds.

"I told you, you will finish the rest of the story.. But for now, it's bed time." He smiled tucking them in.

"So mommy! Did you fall in love with daddy! Or did daddy fall in love with you like with the princesses!" Adriana said holding up her Cinderella princess pillow.

"Your daddy defiantly fell in love with me, I had your father head over heels with me." You sarcastically said looking at Justin making him shake his head and laugh as he's tucking them in.

The girls giggled. "Daddy loves Mommy!" You felt Justin wrap his arms around you. "Yes very much." He kissed your cheek.

"Ewh!" They covered there eyes. "Alright, goodnight you too." You smiled kissing there for head with Justin doing the same.

You and Justin walked out of the room turning off the light. You both walked towards the master bedroom. "Finally, I get some alone time with you." He smiled wide climbing next to you.

"Try next week baby." You laughed kissing his lips. "NO!" He whined. "Baby we haven't had sex in like a whole 2 weeks!"

"Shh, the kids are sleeping & sorry Justin but your the one who decided to have kids & I got my "friend" this week."

"I hate your friend." He groaned rolling over. "So does the whole female population baby." You smiled before kissing his cheek. You snuggled up into the covers before you felt Justin sigh grabbing your waist.

"I love you Y/N...." He whispered moving your hair out of your face. "I love you too." You smiled snuggling into him.

***Next Morning***

"Daddy! Get up so we can hear the rest of the story!" Your daughters jumped. "Yeah daddy get up!" Mason said jumping on the bed as well.

Justin opened his one eye before quickly closing it again. "Come on daddy' we know your up!" Adriana laughed. "Come on Jay, the kids wanna hear the rest of the story." You groaned.

He faked a snore making the kids laugh and hit him lightly. "Daddy!" They all groaned. "Okay, okay." He finally got up sitting up. He wrapped his arm around your waist pulling you in, as the kids got comfortable on the bed.

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