Final words

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Hello there! Essentially, these are my final words for Thirty Eight Days. There are a lot of people I need to thank because I wouldn't have reached where I have without them. 


To all of YOU, every single one of you that has ever read Thirty Eight Days. Whether you were a reader from the very start or you’ve just joined the ride, thank you. Without all of your support I would have shelved this story after the third chapter. But it was your lovely comments and messages that made me love Thirty Eight Days. In fact, I fell hard for this story. It was meant to be short and now look it’s a series! You guys are so amazing. Without a doubt! You’ve had to go through twists and turns, grammar mistakes, formatting mistakes and well … mistakes all round.

There are specific people that I need to thank. Just know that I love you all with every single bone in my body. But these guys have changed my life. It seems dramatic but they have.

@pink_dandelion, @JMackDo, @Maya_2011, @KatherineArlene, and @AlysArden. – Your support and friendship has been incredible. When I say life changing, I meant it. Your support has made me fall in love with writing all over again. Your friendships, ahhhh! I do believe I’m about to cry. You ladies are the best thing about my writing adventure so far. You are not only my fellow author buddies but you are my little family and I value, appreciate and adore every single one of you. If it wasn’t for you all, supporting and pushing me, there wouldn’t be a ‘final words,’ or even a finished book. Thank you for everything <3

My folks. Mum and dad who do the little things that make me feel like I can do anything. Dad’s constant ‘your book finished yet?” “How’s the book going?” or “I support you with your decisions in writing” and mum’s constant bragging to her friends and work mates. You both are my world, family is everything and along with my little writing family and friends, I have the best of it all. To have you support my decision to turn away from first law and now business to pursue a career in literature is out of this world. I love you both to the moon and back.

My friends at work, school and my best friends, thank you for reading. Thank you for not laughing when I said I started a book. Look where we are now. From the very start you were there.

And to wrap it up, THANK YOU TO MY READERS! I can’t thank you just once, its not enough. Well, to be honest, twice isn’t even enough. I wouldn’t be where I am without you. Thank you for sticking by and for taking the risk to follow my work.

Questions I have been asked and shall answer.

What will happen in Thirty Eight Reasons?

SPOILERS! I can’t say. But if you thought you went through emotions with ‘days’ then you are in for a ride with ‘reasons.’

Who’s story is Thirty Eight Reasons?

Noel AND Clara’s. The story is in their POV, this does not mean that they get together or what not. Just like Thirty Eight Days they both had a side of the story.

Noel or Liam?


With the sequel what happens to Stevie’s story?

I decided Stevie’s story AFTER I decided that a sequel was in order. Stevie’s story takes place where Thirty Eight Reasons finishes. So it’s a little while away but I’ve already start to slowly write it.

Where you can find me:

Twitter: @lennwebster

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Vine: @lennwebster

Yes, I realise I am very creative with my usernames.

I still can’t believe Thirty Eight Days is over. Such a bitter sweet moment. The sequel, Thirty Eight Reasons is now up in my works. I will slowly start uploading. I’m back at uni so I am slow.

That’s it from me. Thank you all for joining me on this little journey. I hope its been enjoyable and worth the while. I hope you loved the story as much as I do. I hope to see you mosey on down to Thirty Eight Reasons. Don’t forget to add it to your reading lists.

I will leave you all with one of my favourite lines from Thirty Eight Days,

“I love you and only you, Clara. With every beat that’s in me and for the rest of my days, I’ll love you.” - Nolan Parker, Chapter Twenty Two.

Thank you for reading until the very end of this book. I hope to see you in the sequel.

All my love,

Len Webster. 

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