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Thane picked up the blood covered baby that was now fast asleep on the dead woman’s mutilated chest. He bundled the little boy in a blue sheet that was on the bed. Cradling the baby in his arms he looked out the window at the night sky.

                It will be dawn soon, he thought, It’s time to leave this wretched place.

                He left the room, lightly stepping over the woman and her dead son. Thane headed towards the backyard walking past a dead little girl and her father and two brothers. Thane wrinkled his nose in disgust. The entire place smelled of rotten corpses.

                Once outside Thane was about to take off running but then though better of it knowing the baby might not be able to handle the speed just yet.

                He sighed and set the child down on that grass. Thane took off his tightly fitted black shirt in one fluid motion letting moonlight fall on his perfectly sculpted arms and chest. He then retrieved that baby holding it close.

                He began to roll his shoulder and then grit his teeth at the pain of his bones slowly ripping the flesh on his shoulders apart. He could feel the cold lifeless blood on his just as icy skin. The transformation was rather quick and within seconds he had two giant black leathery wings sticking out of his shoulder blades.

                Thane stretched and rolled them a moment trying to get used to the feeling of wings. He began to bat them against the air and was soon floating up into the sky. As his wings moved faster he began to fly higher and soon he was soaring through the night.

                Thane arrived to his makeshift home in the middle of a small forest within a matter of minutes. His feet lightly touched the ground.

“You will be a great warrior” Thane cooed to the sleeping baby. “Alongside your brothers and sisters you will fight and we will be one step closer to…” He didn’t get to finish his sentence, for in that second a loud bang erupted and his baby’s head exploded into a thousand pieces splattering his face and bare chest with blood and guts.

                 Thane stared in horror at his now headless baby and then his eyes turned a bright red with rage. He hissed whipping around to find the attacker.

                “How dare-!” he started to yell, but he stopped when he saw her black hair and unusually bright blue eyes. The dead child fell from his arms and hit the ground with a thud.

                “Phoebe?” he whispered.

                “No” Estelle replied pointing her gun at his chest. “I’m her daughter bitch.” she added pulling the trigger.

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