Chapter 3: Meet Will Cipher

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The next day Bill and (Y/N) were walking along the mountain side as the beautiful sound of the waves crashed at the rocks into the river below them. (Y/N) tried her best to keep a calm demeanor as she walked along high up on the mountain side, Bill just floated along the edge. He looked over his shoulder as he caught sight of (Y/N) who's attention was focused on her footing as a fearful nervousness   covered her face. Bill snickered before he turned around and (Y/N) bumped into his chest and looked up at him as he held a grin on his face and looked at her as well. "Now if I didn't know any better I'd say it looks as though your afraid of heights maybe." Bill said. "No what gives you that ide-"(Y/N) said as she looked down and caught sight of how high they were. She grabbed hold of the wall with her back and hugged it as she finished her sentence. "-a."  Bill snickered before smiling at her. "You and Stanley are definitely related." Bill said as he laughed. "I honestly don't get how you can perform backflips and handstands and high jumps not to mention visit half the world while discovering its biggest secrets and still be afraid of heights." Bill said as he smiled. "It's different when your staring death in the face." (Y/N) said as she tried to avoid the urge to look down. "Hahahahahahah here come on." Bill said as he floated beside (Y/N) and quickly swooped her off her feet bridal style as he floated toward the opening of a cave behind the waterfall. (Y/N) latched her arms around Bills neck tightly as she freaked out from the idea of Bill dropping her. Bill smiled as she buried her face in his neck then looked at him. "Don't worry I wouldn't dream of letting my RainDrop go. Not now, not ever." Bill said as his grip on her body became tight. (Y/N) puffed her cheeks and looked away from his gaze. "Let's just go see what you wanted to do and go head back I'm sure everyone is waiting for us back at the shack." (Y/N) said as Bill smirk fully rolled his eyes and stared at (Y/N) as they entered inside the cave behind the waterfall. Bill gently put (Y/N) down as she looked around, it appeared to be a huge opening that was so big it could be used like a room as the other side was sealed off from a cave in so it coucidentirly made enough room for the appearance. "Huh well it looks like a dead end we should-" (Y/N) was saying as she turned toward the opening that lead outside to the waterfall but suddenly the exit was blocked off by something as it made the cave cover into a dark void of blackness, the room became lit by something dim but it made the inside viewable. (Y/N) looked around and was rewarded the sight of a beautiful fireplace and under her feet laid a beautiful wooden floor design as if the inside was a big fancy condo, and as (Y/N) looked in the direction where the waterfall was suppose to be she was greeted by a half wooden half window frame that showed a perfect view of the waterfall and nicely blocked out the roaring sound the falls made as they crashed against the rocks below and let the sound of the cracklings from the fireplace dance through the atmosphere gently. In front of (Y/N) laid two nicely clean black leather couches as they sat across one another were a gorgeous coffee table stood between them. Suddenly the sound of someone playing piano keys began to absorb the quiet atmosphere as (Y/N) looked to her left only to see a dark nicely lit black stage covering a part of the room and saw a fire circle of blue flames cover a small portion of the stage in a circular motion as something rose out of it and it revealed Bill sitting on a bench as he sung and played on nice old classic black piano. "🎶 I wanna be your man, your lover, and your friend I'm gonna love you true I wanna be the one you come home to I'm gonna treat you right and do ya every night, my love. 🎶" Bill sang as he turned to (Y/N) and crossed his legs and grabbed his Martini that sat on the piano and held it up. "Here have a drink, make your self comfortable." Bill said as he snapped his fingers and made a martini appear in front of (Y/N) as it was neatly placed in her hand as she walked over to the leather couch and sat down as Bill floated and sat in the one across from her and crossed his legs and placed his arms down on the couch as his arms covered the part of the couch he laid against . He took a sip of his martini as as twirled the liquid in side it gently inside the martini in his hand as he looked back (Y/N) who had placed her martini on the coffee table. "Not a drinker?" Bill asked as he grinned at (Y/N). "Not big on liquor well I haven't been since that day my co-workers threw that celebration party for our boss's big discovery. Oh I still shiver at the videos they took while I was in my alcoholic state." (Y/N) said as she slightly shivered at the thought. "Come on Raindrop no need to feel insecure it's just you and me and no one else feel free to let loose and have fun." Bill said as he seductively smirked at (Y/N). "I'm alright thank you." (Y/N) said as she stared at Bill with a straight calm face. " are we here?" (Y/N) asked. Bill took another quick sip of his martini before he looked back at (Y/N) "I want to make a deal with you." Bill said as he continued to hold his smirk as well as his gaze on (Y/N). (Y/N) said nothing as she gave Bill the 'go on' look. "Remember when I sacrificed your humanity to get you're memories back, well I came up with a solution to return it to you. But that solution is an ancient spell, a manuscript engraved in a ancient underground facility that was used to experiment creatures of the unknown. It's engraved on a part of the facility but I'm not sure what part. That's where you come in, I want you to help me find it and decipher the language and in exchange you receive your humanity back. It's my ultimate apology from me to you since I took something that wasn't mine to take that's if you want it." Bill said as he smiled.  (Y/N) became slightly surprised at Bill deal. It wasn't gonna benefit him in anyway in fact it was gonna do the opposite. (Y/N) gently felt the back of her neck as she rubbed the scars that made Bills mark on the back of her neck. She took a moment to think about it before she looked at Bill. "Only if you give me time until we find it to decide weather or not if I want to keep these demon powers or be human again. It's a pretty big decision I'm gonna have to make when the time comes I want to think it over to make sure I don't regret the choice I make." (Y/N) said as she looked away from Bill. "Very well it's a deal then." Bill said as he reached his hand out and a blue flame ignited it. (Y/N) sat up from her seat and reached over the coffee table as she shook Bills hand. (Y/N) looked at Bill as she released his hand. "Um so we're here in this fancy place you created what do you want to do in your quality time with me." (Y/N) asked as Bill smirked. "We could do a number of things, but since my things are too rated X to do I'll let you decide the outcome of this sweet heart since I'm feeling generous today." Bill said as he smirked. (Y/N) took a moment to think about it.

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