Say My Name.

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Chapter One.

Photo: Ajayi


“He's here! I just saw his limousine pull up.” I watch in amusement and smirk as all the women rush to check their overly made faces and teeth, fix their too tight clothes and pose as if this was photo shoot, ready for our boss to make an appearance.

Ding! The elevator doors opened to the thirtieth floor and out stepped the Owner and resident star of every woman's dream, Akshay Nilekani.

I sighed to myself and rolled my eyes as I heard a chorus of high pitch voices greet him, “Good morning Akshay.”

Yeah, ok cool it you thirsty hyenas. I look up to see him smile and reply in that deep voice “Good morning ladies.”

I stood up as he walks pass me, grab his coffee and my iPad, ignoring the daggers from the women and a few men and follow him into his office.

Sorry, I am being rude let me introduce myself. My name is Ajayi Narayana and I am Mr. Dreamy's personal assistant.

I will not go totally cliché on the readers and say I am in love with him but I did have a major crush on him.

As far as all the women and I who work here, the sun rises and set on him and the moon lights up just for his amusement.

But I knew nothing would ever come of it. As his personal assistant, I knew the ins and outs of his life, but I did not know if he was straight or not.

No one has ever seen him out with anyone or hear him speak of a special someone.

I just knew he was straight; he was almost too good to be true. There had to be something wrong with him and that was liking women.

No offense ladies but I wanted this god for myself.

Mr. Akshay Nilekani is only thirty-five and built this company from the ground up with his bare hands. Infosys is one of, if not the best marketing firms in the world.

Anyone who is anybody wants to work with him. Everyone wants to work for him as well. Saying you, work at Infosys opens so many doors for you.

He was also sex on legs. Standing at six feet, six inches he towers over everyone he comes in contact with, his white perfect teeth and supple pink lips match perfectly to create the most magnificent smile.

I knew for a fact he works out every morning, keeping his muscled body in tip-top shape. His suits always cling to his body, defining every muscle.

He loves the outdoors, which is why his skin is sun kissed making it a little darker than his original Indian roots would indicate.

I have been working for Mr. Nilekani for two, almost three years and I do not like to look him in his eyes. I did not ever want him to catch on to my desire for him, which I am sure he could tell by just one look into my eyes.

Speaking of eyes, his are the most beautiful hazel and although he insisted; I never call him by his first name.

I am not trying to aggravate him or be difficult, I am just trying to protect myself. Knowing myself, I know if I start calling him Akshay like everyone else and let my guard down I would mistake his friendly nature as flirting and make a fool of myself.

Mr. Nilekani is the nicest, giving and laid back man I have ever met, but to make sure I never confused signals, I make sure our relationship is strictly business professional.

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