As I walked through the school corridors, I couldn’t help but think:
Wow, news travels fast at Prescott Private.

Every single person was talking about the punch on afterschool.

Hell, people were placing bets on who they’d reckon would win.

“You’re not in my Math class anymore? Aww that sucks!” Gabby brought me out of my reveries. My lips formed into a smirk.

“More like YAAY FREEDOM!” I chuckled.

She slapped me.

“Geez. I’m joking!”

“Naww Chloe, I’m so proud of you little Nerd.” Charlie messed up my hair before I could shoo him away.

I looked across from Gabby to Charlie and back again. “You two are bullies.”

They just laughed at me. See? Emotional abuse right there!

“Yeah but you love us.” Charlie punched me softly. See?! Physical abuse!

I rolled my eyes, “Yeah, totes.”

“Oh my God guys, have you heard about the fight that’s on afterschool today?” Allie gushed out as she rushed to our table.

“Everyone has, Allie.” Charlie commented.

“A bit slow there, don’t you think?” Gabby added.

“Shut up.” Allie mumbled, looking embarrassed. “Why are they fighting anyway?”

This caught my attention.

“Not sure, but I’ve got a feeling Tyler’s the one who started this. I don’t know this Reece guy too well, but as far as I know – he doesn’t really give a shit about anyone, nor does he take shit from anyone.”

I finished my orange juice and stood up to throw it in the bin, on my way there, I passed a group of boys – Tyler was among them, looking very, very smug.


I was feeling extremely nervous.


Because I was standing outside my last class for the day: Year 12 Specialist Math.

I was going to be the only Year 11 there and I don’t even know that many Year 12’s!

Yay life.

The corridors were becoming empty – I said one last prayer to the Lord and opened the door.

“Ah, you must be Chloe,” The teacher was a middle aged man, nothing too out of the ordinary. He had a tall nose where his thin-framed glasses rested on and his broad smile was very welcoming.

“Yeah,” I said shyly when the entire class looked at me.

“Great, great. I’m Mr. Collins, I’ve heard a lot about you. We’ve never had a Year 11 in a Year 12 Specialist class…” he turned towards his students, “So class, make sure you Chloe feels very welcome.”

I just blushed and looked at my shoes.

“Okay, find a seat – wherever you like, and here,” he handed me a worksheet. “Try these, if you have any problems just give me a shout.”

“Thanks.” I looked around properly for the first time and tried my hardest to avoid everyone’s stares. I didn’t care whether they were friendly smiles or not – I didn’t like being the center of attention in awkward situations.

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