The meeting

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Alex in mm
So I jus put on something casual, and drove to the park when I got there he was sitting there I walked up and sat
Alex: what's up ma
Me: well please don't get mad at me or yell...buh umm
Alex: jus say it ma
Me: I'm 3 months pregnant with ur baby
Alex: I believe u
Me: please don't be mad all I ask is that u help me with the baby we don't have to be a couple if u don't want to
Alex: 😂 chill I said I believe u and I do want to be with u that night I didn't mean anything I said I was still drunk and I'm srry I promise I won't leave u or my little man
Me: thanks💋 and how u kno it's a boy it could be a girl or both😂
Alex: I know my seeds when I plant them
Me: 😂 mhmm W.E
End of convo
                3 months later
now Alex is moving in with me and I'm six months pregnant and it's a boy yep Alex was right and we're gonna name him Alexander treyvon Martinez
And he's gonna be a momma's boy.

                       Alex pov
Well now I live with Naomi and she look like she about  to have 4 babies, buh I love her and my son and I will never leave them or hurt them💯

                    Naomi pov
ALEX I think my water jus broke hurry and get the baby bag and car seat.
Alex: come on I got u
Alex picked me up and put me in the car and we went into the hospital and 5 hours I gave birth to two beautiful babies both boys
Alexander treyvon Martinez
6lbs 9oz
And Sebastian Terrell Martinez
7lbs 5oz
Both 40 seconds apart
Alex was so scared to hold them then he got used to it and then we got to go home the next morning and we had to put another baby bed in aj ( Alex Jr ) room for Sebastian, I got aj and Alex got Sebastian and we put them to sleep, and then we went to sleep.

Naomi: I love my little family 💕

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