7. Someone To Take

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We sat at the dinning table next to each other silently and sipped at our drinks. He held an opened bottle of beer that he found deep in the refrigerator. While I looked at him drowsily with my hot chamomile tea.

"When is it." He asked dryly with puffy eyes.

"When is what?" I asked.

"The funeral."

"Well since it's officially five o'clock in the morning and today is Sunday it would be Tuesday Morning." I explained.

"How many times are we going to have to do this Jane?" He asked me while he took a drink.

"Do what?"I asked.

"Say goodbye." He mumbled.

"It depends."

"It depends?" He asked.

"If I don't allow myself to love anyone there will be no one left?" I explained.

"No one left?" He sounded confused.

"How can I grieve over someone being taken from me......If I don't give someone them someone to take?"

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