"Here you go," she smiled hopefully as she placed a coffee cup onto my glass table.

She waited expectantly. I looked at her with a look that hopefully said "What are you still doing here?" Wow, this one's annoying. Thankfully she got the message and left me with a thoughtful look on her face.

I sipped from the hot coffee cup. Did she microwave this? I took in a deep breath and started my work. I noticed a manila folder to the side of my pale blue/green glass desk. It had a yellow sticky-note that read:

Alex- New assistants file. Have fun with her! -Amy

I knew it. She set me up. Was she crazy? Hell, of course she was. She's Amy. I've known her for years. Worked up with her to get this spot. Amy was a great co-worker but a mean (only jokingly) friend. She'd play pranks on you just for the fun of it. I smiled and shook my head as I opened up the folder. I just looked at some of the interesting and key things. After a few sentences it was all blah blah blah.

Name: Natalie Jennifer Wilson Age: 23

Graduate: New York University

23, huh? Only 2 years younger than me. So not very experienced. I smiled, it figures.

"What are you smiling at? Ooooh, is that my file? Lemme see! Ewww, look how frizzy my hair is. Oh well. So how do you know Amy?" She asked. Was this girl for real? "Don't worry, NO ONE has called. You aren't THAT busy Mr. Hansen." Oh, she has GOT to be kidding me.

"Well, Natalie, we met when we both started work. How about you two?" I asked back.

She crossed her legs and put her elbows on my desk, putting her jaw/chin onto her knuckles. "Well, I was her college roommate. So since she started working here since 20 . . . I still know her longer than you have, so ha!" Wow, immature or what? Still damn pretty though . . .

"So . . . is it cool if I call you Aaron? You get to call me Natalie. Well, Nat. You should call me Nat. So it's fair," she claimed. Wow, was she naive or what?

"Hey Aaron? Do you have any friends I could, you know, meet?" She asked with a suggestive wink. Oh wow. Wow. That's all I had to say.

"I do, but I'm not introducing them to you. You just got out of a relationship if I recall." That's not the only reason.

"Oh right. Yeah, THAT thing. Do you want me to explain? Ok, well one night I get home after some late night shopping and then there they are. Sprawled on the bed. Just laying there. Ok, not JUST laying there. Laying there ON TOP of each other . . . "

I zoned out and sighed. She was still going on and on and on. I checked my watch, 10:12am.


"I just can't believe that she'd do that! After EVERYTHING we'd been through. She is SUCH a slut. Jack's not much better! Oh no, he gave in to temptation. GAVE IN!" She snapped suddenly.

Oh God she was crying now. AGAIN. Just like she was when I first saw her. She reached for a tissue box and sniffled and blew into it. Great. I made her cry. Actually, I didn't do anything! She made herself cry! I sighed and put my fingers on my temple. Work was bad enough, but this? This was BAD BAD.

Woah. Where is she? Oh right the phone. Soon my phone was ringing. "Mrs. Kirralyn." I answered and started talking to Mrs. Kirralyn. After our discussion Natalie, or Nat, came back into my office. Oh God. Where is Amy when I need her? I'll tell you, Canada! Visiting her family! Pfft.

"Oh yeah. Some girl dropped by today," she reported casually.

"Did you get her phone number? Wait, what'd she look like?" I asked frantically.

"No. Just came to check if you were here. Umm, pretty. White. Long brown hair. Long legs, soo jealous! Kind of tanned . . . " Natalie trailed off.

Then there was a knock at the door and she came in. Her presence was so great it felt like it took up all the space in the room. She flicked her long brown hair over her shoulder. Her hips swayed and her hipster jeans clung tightly to them.

"I'm back, Aaron," she said in that sultry voice she was well known for, slipping off her big Chanel glasses (don't ask how I know the brand).

She placed her hands on her hips like she always does. Looking at me. Nat was looking at me and her. Back and forth.

She was back.


OK well I hope you liked that one! I tried to cliffhanger it. Please comment and vote even if it's just to say I suck, it's encouragement at the least. Super least. I tried writing in a guy's POV but it's not working for me so I'm gonna switch to Natalie in chapter 2. I hope you enjoyed!!


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