Killer Truths


I was both jubilant and petrified at the exact same moment as I stared down at the parchment in my hands.

Jubilant because he was coming; coming for me and the glimpse of the woman - child he thought had been me.

Petrified because of the news he was bringing me. It could be the end of me, of her, of him, of us all.

Honestly, I shouldn't be so surprised by this outcome; it really was only a matter of time before this would happened but I couldn't stop, for the life of me, the overwhelming fear from consuming me.

I was lost, lost and I felt at that moment that I could never be found, recovered, brought back to the life that I once knew.



Losing myself within this onslaught of emotions.

The fear for her overcoming the happiness of seeing him. It was clawing it's way through my body, within my veins and into my heart.

I needed to find the way out of the situation we were in; we - her, him and me - because the second they found out about her, the second they found out about my daughter, I was truly and thoroughly doomed.

But no, he didn't know that, now did he?


There is the prologue to Killer Truths! 

I hope you are as excited for it as I am! :D it's going to be epically awesome, just you wait and see! Now, tell me what you think! 

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