Chapter XXVI: One Year Later

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"You look fantastic, Victoria! I am so happy for you," Andrea declared as she entered Victoria's room, catching sight of Victoria in the most beautiful wedding dress she had ever seen in her life.

Victoria beamed at her, "Thank you, And-," Victoria's eyes widened and her smile disappeared, and before Andrea knew it, she was being hugged by her bestfriend.

"I told you not to cry anymore, didn't I?" Victoria scolded as she lightly tap Andrea's back.

Andrea realized tears are rolling down her cheeks and afraid her voice will crack, she only gave Victoria a nod.

It had been a year since the tragedy took place, but for Andrea it felt like the end of the world already happened, and she is living in the post-apocalyptic Earth.

During the first three months, she had gazed the world with bitterness and loneliness. She had locked herself up in her apartment, in a very drunken stupor everyday. She hated everyone, especially Holden, who was now stuck in a mental facility in London, and her mother, the reason of everything.

It was tough for her, and during those months, she contemplated killing herself, but hope is still barely hanging on inside her, and she will not let go.

Victoria helped her to recover over her seemingly unmendable heart, even postponing her wedding just to have Andrea recover enough to play her role as the maid of honor with all her heart. It was a tough year for her, but still she learned to cope with it.

The first time she visited her parents after what happened to Lance was six months after she recovered from her drinking, it was hard to see her mother after everything, and though she felt she had recovered from everything; The dagger of her mother's words still left open wounds in her heart that cannot easily be mended.

The church bell rang signifying the start of the ceremony. Victoria removed her arms around Andrea and gave her an encouraging smile, "Don't ruin my day with those puffy eyes of yours, okay? I am too in the mood for a honeymoon," Victoria joked in her usual tone, making Andrea smile a little.

"Of course not," Andrea said, "Thank you, Victoria. For not leaving me," Andrea blurted out.

Victoria's smile turned affectionate, "What are friends for, Andrea?... Now, let's get this wedding started," Victoria said.


The ceremony did not last that long but it lasted long enough to bring tears into Andrea's eyes. She was not so much of a cryer before, but after the struggle she had suffered a year ago, her taps seem to overflow easily.

Reception was held on the garden of Victoria's parent's house and it was the most enjoyable atmosphere Andrea ever had the pleasure of seeing for the past year. Everyone is happy. Everyone is content. And everyone is celebrating.

Except her.

Not that she is not happy that her best friend is no longer a Ms. Smith but a Mrs. Manchester, she is, but she felt being happy is no way going to be for her, unless Lance magically reappear in front of her, all well, but no, a vegetable comatosed guy in New Zealand, can't just appear suddenly in front of her.

"Andrea," someone tapped her shoulder, and realizing whose familiar voice and touch it is, made her stiffen.

"Mom," she said without even looking behind her where her mother stood.

"Can I talk to you, please," Pamela pleaded with a voice resembling a distressed woman.

She turned her heels to see her ever stunning mom standing just a feet away from her, the closest she had ever been to her mom since that night.

"What do you want to talk about?" she asked in a hasty voice, not wanting to prolong the conversation.

"Andrea Owen, please talk to me in a proper way!" Pamela said, tyrantly.

"I'm sorry but I just can't," Andrea said.

"Until now?"


"But, Andrea it had been more than a year since Lance died!" her mother said in a very high voice, and without them noticing, everybody's eyes are on them.

That is why Andrea felt too upset. Everybody believes Lance is dead and Aunt Holly is just wasting money letting him live through a machine.

"Why do you keep saying that! He. Is. Not. Dead!" Andrea said, obnoxiously and before she could fall to the ground and just let herself rot, Victoria caught her by the shoulders.

"I believe, aunt Pamela, now is not a good time," Victoria said, "It would be much better if you leave," she added.

Pamela looked at Andrea with a face that shows how sorry she is but Andrea can't accept it. It had been too hard for her.

"Andrea, I am only doing this because this is what is best for you. Please forget about Lance. He is not coming back," Pamela said in a remorseful tone and with a quick look-around, she left.

Andrea's eyes welled up again, "No. No. No," she hysterically said, as she wet Victoria's dress.

"Shh, shh. Lance will come back, he will," Victoria whispered in her ears.

Yes, he will come back, she told herself but somehow she felt the hope that she's been hanging on to for more than a year is more than barely there.



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