Chapter 1

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**Gabbie's p.o.v**

"Uh..Uh sorry Josh..I'mma go outside and practice pitching for the game today". I walk out the glass doors dazed.

Aubrey was catcher and Sammie played first. I pitched. Aubrey followed me out. I grabbed my mitt and ball and waited till Aubrey got in position. I took a deep breath and spun my arm around, windmill they call it. And right where my hand reached my hip, I flicked my wrist and the ball went hurdling towards Aubrey. Straight down the middle.

I did this to clear my mind, how am I going to tell Edward how I feel if Tanya is here? I mean I am nice to her but she hated me once she laid eyes on me, I mean Auntie Kate likes me and Auntie Irina kinda likes me, She thinks Tanya and Edward should be together also.

"Gabbie? Aubrey? It's time to get ready for the game!" Momma yells. I smile and run inside with Aubrey on my heels. It is gonna be a clear day, but not sunny enough to make us sparkle. I slipped on my blue shorts and blue tank-top. I pulled my hair up in a neat bun and made it stiff with hairspray. I slipped on some white prewrap. I slipped on my one white sock and my one blue sock. I slipped on my Adidas slip ons.

Aubrey ran home to get ready. I grabbed my softball bag out of my closet and walked downstairs. "Ready to kick some butt 'Lil Sister?" Emmett beams. I laugh and shake my head "Oh yeah you better watch out cause I am a killer!".

I walk into the kitchen and grab my red Gatorade and shove it in my bag. That's when the doorbell rang. "I got it!" I yell. I open up the door and Aubrey was there with her catching equipment and her normal softball bag. I smile and let her in.

"Sammie! Come one! It's not a fashion show!" I yell up the steps. She comes down with her hair in a neat ponytail and the same exact uniform as us. I smile and headed for the doors. "Okay..Edward you are going to take Aubrey, Gabbie and Sammie...I am taking Esme Alice Jasper and Emmett and Rose are going with their car" Daddy says.

"Yay!! We get to go with Edwardo!!" Aubrey yells. I shake my head and laugh, 'you don't get to choose your best friends'. But I love her with all my heart.

We hop in the car and we were off....

**15 minutes later**

We finally reach the field. I smile and hop out. Aubrey and Sammie came on my left and Edward on my right. He kept taking worried glances at me. I sigh and head into the dug out with the rest of my team. "Goob!!" Everybody yells. I laugh and shake my head.

Yes, my name is Goob to them. I don't know how they thought of it but since they did, that's all they call me...Even the coaches, on all my sweatshirts and all that it says Goob. I grab my mitt and ball and walk towards the mount.

Aubrey starts putting on her equipment. Everybody else was on the field warming up by Sammie throwing them ground balls and they have to throw it to first base. Aubrey comes walking out with all her equipment except her helmet. I start to pitch for a warm up.

The referees come on the field and checks everybody's stuff. "It's time!" The refs yells. I smile and look at Aubrey, we were fierce.

The batter stepped up and looked at me. I smile devilishly and start off with a curve ball, "Strike One!". The batter shook her head and focused back on me. I throw her one a little bit high, "Strike Two!". The batter gets angry and glares at me.

I take a deep breath and decide to make her reach. I throw the ball short and she tried to reach for it, "Strike Three!!". The batter stomps away angrily. I smile and look at Aubrey, This is gonna be fun.

A 'heavy' girl steps up and stares at me. I throw her a ball straight down the middle. She hits it and it goes flying into the outfield. "I got it!" A girl name, Lindsay yells. She was so close and it dropped. The girl got on first.

I shrugged and held my mitt out open to her. The ball flys into my glove. The coach gives me the sign of the girl stealing. I look at the corner of my eye, her foot was off. In a swift movement I throw the ball to Sammie just when the girl was gonna take off.

Sammie tagged her and smiled at me, The ball landed in my glove. The last batter comes up and gets in position. I throw her a straight down the middle. She hits it and it comes straight towards me. It was just about to pass me when I stuck out my arm and caught it. I smile at the batter and run in the box.

"Up to bat...Gabbie Cullen!" I walk up to the home plate as everybody is cheering for me. 2 outs, I am our only hope. I look at the score board, 8 to 7 we were winning by one. I look in the crowd and see my family cheering. I smile and step up to bat.

The ball comes towards me slowly. I swing a little too light and ran at human speed. I went around to run to second when the first basemens foot came out and tripped me. I fell to the ground with everybody gasping, my ankle. "Hey! Are you okay??"  the referees yell. I clutch my ankle and yell out "My ankle!" Edward and Carlisle were running towards me. "She isn't going to be able to play".

The ambulance pulled up and I was set on a gurney. That's when photos were taken, it's gonna be in the newspaper. I didn't care about that but all I cared about was my ankle. It throbbed and hurt incredibly, I think it's more than a sprain.

Edward grabs my hand and squeezes it tightly, "It is gonna be okay Gabbie." I put a thought in my mind to Aubrey and Sammie, "Beat them...Don' t leave..Make them pay." They simply nodded and started to pull away from the ambulance.

I held my lips tightly shut so I wouldn't yell. That's when the aid poked my ankle, "Ow! God! It's broken for sure!" I moaned out in pain. He nodded as Edward glared at the aid, it was a pretty stupid move.

We finally reached the hospital. I looked at Edward and he had pain in his eyes. I smile gently at him and patted his hand. I will be fine. They push me into a room and help me in a bed, not like I needed their help. "A doctor will be here soon" I nod and they left.

Edward sighs and sits down next to me, "I should've seen it coming, I mean I don't know how she did it without me knowing." I was talking to myself. Edward looked at me and said "Gabbie, you didn't know..that's not you fault, so what? You guys will win anyway..Plus, you will be going against them again anyway, so you will get her back" I smiled devilishly.

He chuckled and looked at me, "How you feeling?" I shrug, it didn't hurt that bad when you don't think about it. He nods and looks at the door. That's when Daddy walks in with everybody except Aubrey and Sammie. "Hello, Gabbie is it? I am your doctor" Daddy says. I giggle and just shake my head at him.

"Okay..let's check it out shall we?" I nod and bite my lip. He slips off my cleat then my sock. It was a purple and blue, it was swollen..It was bad.  I looked away, it was too gross.

" seems like a break" I nod as Daddy leaves and gets everything to put on a cast on it. "So I am guessing I am not going to be able to pitch for a couple of weeks?" They all laugh at me, pitching is my passion. I love it! and I do love singing, and I am having Edward teach me piano.

Daddy walks in and starts putting on my cast...

**Half an hour later**

"Ready to go Sweetie?" I nod and walk out to the car on crutches. Yes they put a REAL cast on. I jumped in the car and laid my head against the window.

We reached home and I had Edward help me out. I started walking when Edward say "You know what would be easier?" Before I can even reply, he scoops me up and walks inside the house. He lays me gently on the couch and put my feet on his lap.

"Gabbie, you gotta take your pills for the pain, so they will make you sleepy and might have some side effects" I nodded and swallowed the pills quickly.

My vision started to blur and I was becoming drowsy, I rest my head against the couch and drifted off when Sammie and Aubrey came running in yelling "We Won!" I smiled and drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

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