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"You will not believe my Aunt!" Quinn says, she sits down in front of me. Liam following behind setting down the shopping bags, he sits down falling back.

"What happened" I say, drinking down my smoothie.

"She went to my father's job with some of her friends, trying to reconvince him about his relationship decision" she says, angrily. "I understand that she was close to Veronica they were basically inseparable, and Harry waltz in and swoops in the way my dad does and makes her fall in love and then bam she's 19 and he's 20 and she's pregnant with me and Gemma blames my Father for everything, for getting her pregnant, for her death everything that isn't his fault and now she's blaming him for moving on? Even if he was 90 and you were 19, I wouldn't care because he's happy! He's finally happy" Quinn says.

I knock on the door my hands in fist, my heart beating. I was seeing red; an exhausted looking Harry opens the door.

"Niall" he says, I push pass him stomping my way in the den, I was lion and I smelled my prey. Gemma lounges on the couch clicking through the channels.

"Listen here" I snap, she jumps looking over at me. "You have no room to say how I feel! You don't know my feelings I love Harry, and I love Quinn no I didn't push Quinn out of anything and yes I am 9 years younger than Harry but who are you to dictate that!" I shout.

"Niall, calm down" Harry says, I turn to him.

"No Harry! Quinn told me what happened today, she told me how you met Veronica and now I understand" I look back at Gemma who still looked in shock. "You're mad that your best friend chose your younger brother over you, and you blame him for everything for her falling in love, for things he couldn't even control and you're still blaming him and when he's trying to recover and be happy you're shitting on it!" I snap.

"You can't possibly understand my feelings" She finally yells back. "You're just a child! You can't possibly understand what it feels like to lose someone! Someone who meant so much and then for someone to just run away from the problem like it didn't happen!" she shouts, I swallow.

"I was born to Maura Gallagher and Bobby Horan, the only reason I know his name is my birth certificate my Father left me before he even knew my name he left my mother to raise me, on a low-income salary I was 10 when my mother got sick, when she could barely walk we moved in with my drug addicted, Alcoholic Aunt and Uncle and my Mom was to weak! Too sick to do anything and she died! She died and I grew up surrounded by so much hate, so much disgust and I finally found an escape I finally found someone who might actually love me.... And you don't think I know what it feels like to lose someone!? I've never had a whole family! Never! And you're trying to strip me away from the one person because he was heartbroken and left you with his daughter you're a despicable miserable person and you should be disgusted with yourself" I say, I wipe my eyes and before Harry can touch me I slip passed rushing out the front door, where Quinn and Liam stand. I run into her arms, and she holds me, I pull away staring at her.

"Let's go somewhere" she says, I just nod and we leave.

"Uh Niall, I didn't realize what happened to your mom" Liam whispers, I look out the window. "I'm sorry" he says.


-19 years ago-

"I can't believe my baby is gradating and going to Standford!" my mom says, combing through my hair one more time, I try to pull away but she just yanks my hair into place. I groan rolling my eyes looking at her.

"It's nothing special" I mumble.

"What do you mean Harry? You're graduating at the top of your class! This is amazing a full ride!" she says, I roll my eyes. She sighs caressing my face before smiling again.

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