Chapter 1

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Lmao, the beginning sucks... But it gets better.


There he goes again...

Going hunting...

Every time Jeff goes hunting I would watch him from afar, on top of a tree. Everybody in the mansion thinks I'm weird, even BEN thinks I'm weird. I don't talk to anyone in the mansion and Toby would try and come in my room, offering some waffles but I would always deny. Sometimes I would go hunting with Masky and hoodie because I would run out of kidneys to eat.

They think I never do anything and they think all I do is just stay in my room or watch tv without saying a word to anyone. But we all have scheduled days to go and kill someone and we are sometimes grouped with someone. Sally and slender are the ones usually grouped together and Masky and hoodie are always grouped together, they never part from each other. BEN and Ticci Toby would sometimes part together... I wouldn't say their close to each other but their friends. I'm never partnered with anyone... Usually I go hunting alone on my motorcycle.. I love it when the air hits my face. I take off my mask at night and go really fast.

Slender says that me and Jeff can't go hunting together because we both have different ways on killing. So sometimes I go hunting with Masky and hoodie but I feel like just hunting alone is fine because sometimes we argue on who gets the kill first...

So like always it's another usual day, seeing my adorable Jeff going to kill some worthless human beings. I followed Jeff but like always I kept my distance because I don't want to get caught by him, he'll probably think I'm weird. Me and Jeff never really spoke to each other so he doesn't know a single thing about me but Ohh... I know everything about him and as weird as it sounds, I know his past and how he kills people. Jeff is 19 years old and he loves killing more then he's supposed too.

I'm a very shy person when it comes to liking someone and I never speak to the person I like because I was afraid of messing up my sentence or probably say something really stupid.

As I watched Jeff kill his prey, I was imagining how it would be if I partnered up with Jeff. Once he was done killing his prey, he licked his knife and put it in his back pocket and ran out the house and into the forest. I waited till he went deeper into the forest and once I couldn't hear him anymore.... I jumped off the tree and went to go kill for some kidneys.

- 2 hours later -

Once I came back from killing, I saw Jeff eating on the table with Toby and BEN. They both stared at me as they watched me go up the stairs. Once I was almost at the top of the stairs... Someone yelled my name, and ohh my.... I know that voice. It was Jeff who was calling me. I ran back down stairs and walked slowly to Jeff.

"Hey kidney eater, StOp killing people at the same time I go on a killing spree. WHAT if we run into each other while I'm killing someone. You're gonna slow me down if that happens. DONT YOU have your own time."

"... Are you literally arguing about that, wow your childish as ever.'


As Jeff yelled he got off the chair that he was currently siting on, and pushed me. Jeff was pretty short... I was 6'1 and he was 5'7, ohh I love it when he's mad. I adored him so much. I like how he gets mad easily and the way he talks... And that smile carved on his face..

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