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Harry's pov:

On a street where everything seemed perfect, or better know as privet drive specifically the fourth house. There was a child that was quite strange. This child was Harry Potter he was turning 11 as it was his birthday. Except no one cared not even him or so he thought. So in the cupboard under the stairs the boy sat and waited.

A few minutes later a walrus like child about the same age as himself came bumbling down the stairs laughing happily as it was about 12 in the afternoon, and he had just woken up. Although Harry has been up sense 6 a.m.

When the walrus child better know as Dudley Dursley got to the bottom of the stairs. Harry's' aunt Petunia that looked of a horse beat on his cupboard, and told him to get started on breakfast.

" Ok Petunia I will get right on it " ,said the abused child.

So Harry did as told a got started on breakfast. When he was done his whale of an Uncle whose name was Vernon was sitting at the table waiting. Harry lay the food on the table, and got the piece of bread from the basket. After he finnished he got started on the list of chores Vernon had given him.

The list was:
1-get the mail
2-clean every room but mine and your Aunts
3-mow the lawn
4-De-wead the flower beads

The first one was easy till he saw he had also gotten a letter. It was strange because he never had gotten mail before, but he went with it and read it anyway. The thing was after he read it made complete sense. Alot of weird things happen around and to him, and they were all explained in this letter. So he used this to his advantage. He went into the kitchen and looked at everyone and gave them all a sadistic smirk.

He said,"so i'v learned something new"

"Have you", said Vernon in a sarcastic tone

"I have", I say.

"Well what is it",said Veron with anger in his voice.

"That I'm a wizard and that I'm going to this magic school weather you like it or not",Vernon flinched at the tone of Harry's voice.

So Vernon swallowed and answered, "well at least we will get rid of you."

"You shall ",Harry said happily.

Just as he said that there was a knock at the door.

"Boy what are you waiting for get the door ", said his uncle who had gotten over the shock.

So Harry ran to the door, and opened it there was a man dressed in complete black with a hooked nose and a scowl.

"Hello how may I help you sir ",said Harry in a voice that was flatter than a pancake.

In a tone that matched his own the man said,"I'm looking for a Harry Potter"

"That's me "I said.
"you look different than I expected"

Harry looked himself up and down he had pale skin that never tanned even when he was in the sun, bright green eyes that was said to be from his mother, black hair that went to his shoulders, high cheek bones, pink lips that were just the right size, about 5'3 foot ,lankey, and was in really baggy clothes from his cousin.

"What did you expect"

The man said nothing, then after a moment answered "I'm here to help you get your school supplies"

Harry nodded,"How can I trust you"

The man looked at him and said, "I'm a teacher from hogwarts and Dumbledore sent me here to take you to get your school supplies, so either come with me or stay where you are it's your choice"

Harry suddenly started laughing but after a few moments stopped, and his face went completely blank,"I'm sorry if I offended you but I was just making sure you were safe one second please and we may leave."

He nodded Harry closed the door and walked over to where his relatives were.

"I'm leaving"

Vernon said, "don't come back you filth"

"Don't worry I won't" Harry said with so much venom his uncle flinched in his chair.

 Harry turned and left. Never to come back.

-Jade Reid 

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