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After School
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It was after school and I was currently sitting in the detention room waiting for my teacher. I've got to admit though, my homeroom teacher/detention teacher was hot as fuck! I would bang her all day if we were the same age. Well who cares? You know what they say, Age is just a number when it comes to love!

I groan in frustration. I have already been here for 30 minutes and Miss. Lockser still hasn't arrived. The fact that I'm the only one in the room and the fact that I don't have my phone with me makes me want to scream in boredom. She took my phone when she gave me a detention earlier today and hadn't given it back since. Considering the fact that she was late and has my phone, I decided to see if she was in the staff room. I slowly open the door to see if anyone was around and sigh in relief when no one was there. I open the door wide enough for me to get out and make my way towards the teachers staff room. When I arrived, I knocked on the door but no one seemed to have noticed so I took the opportunity to let myself in.

There, right in front of me, was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Under the sun setting light, Miss. Lockser sat at her desk with her head on the table. She seemed to be sleeping so I walked over to her and got my phone. I couldn't help but take a closer look at her face and notice the little things on her like the little makeup she wore. Opening my phone, I quickly positioned my lips on her cheek and took a picture then clearing my throat and looking at her from above.

An idea popped in my mind. "This wouldn't hurt, right?" I ask myself and make my way under her desk. I pull her wheelie chair closer to me and slowly hike her pencil skirt up, revealing her blue lace panties. Immediately, my lower area begins to twitch as a sweet aroma fills the air. I inch closer and closer, smelling her lotus and can't help but notice the little wet spot at the bottom. "Having a kinky dream, huh?" I smirk. I then stick my tongue out and lick her bud through the piece of clothing. Small gasps of air come out of her mouth as well as little groans. I smirk against the fabric and pull it down with my teeth.

I was face to face with her dripping heat, causing me to twitch even more. I smirk and pull her waist closer to me then slowly lick from the entrance to the bud. I do this several times, receiving soft moans of approval. Her moans begin to get louder as I shove two fingers into her tight hole, my tongue still flicking over her bundle of nerves. Miss Lockser starts moving her legs, spreading them further apart and I hear loud gasp. The chair begins to roll back out and look down at me pumping my fingers furiously into her and nibbling on her bud. "Ngh.... What are you doing?" She tries not to moan but fails miserably as she begins grinding her heat against my face and fingers. "Ngh-- AHH!" She screams as she comes all over my fingers. I smirk and remove them, putting one in my mouth and the other in hers, causing our faces to be close to each other. I remove my fingers and stare into her eyes, inching closer until our lips touch.

Surprisingly she kisses back and and wraps her arms around my neck, pulling me closer. We go full out on a deep French kiss until my chest started to tighten, wanting air.

When we finally break free, she stares deeply into my eyes. "G-Gray?!" She exclaimed, pushing me away. I smirk "Oh, shush, you loved it!" I chuckle as her cheeks turn a deep crimson red and smash my lips against hers.

She's unbuttons my uniform blouse and throws it to the floor as I did with hers. We break apart and she looks at me hungrily, causing me to chuckle out loud. I pull her by her bare waist and push her breasts against my chest, my (HOT AND MUSCULAR) abs pushing against her stomach. "Like what you see?" Miss Lockser playfully rolls her eyes and begins to take off my belt.

And then we had sex...
And then we got caught by the principal...
And then... idk... honestly cbb... I TRIED!



I'm currently waiting for TheAnimeMan (Joey) on OMEGLE.... No luck yet...



- xxB

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