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6:05 a.m.

Beep Beep Beep

Ugh! Stupid alarm clocks! Why were these things invented anyway??

I roll over and turn off the alarm. Sigh. I turn onto my back and stare at the ceiling. I am not ready for today to begin. It's my first day at this new high school since we moved back to California. We moved back because my dad passed away. Sigh...Again. It feels like forever before I finally get out of bed to get ready. Heading to the bathroom I began to brush my teeth and wash my face. Once finishing up with my hygiene, I go to my closet to decide what to wear.

Mhmm What to wear? What to wear?

Got it! I pull out my white t-shirt, all black sweatshirt, ripped acid wash jeans and all white nike's. After getting dress, I cover myself in axe. Ahhh my favorite cologne!

You know for the ladies! 😉😉

I make my way downstairs, after making sure I had my bookbag and phone, and head towards the kitchen.

"Hey baby", my mom says as I approach her. Giving her a kiss on the cheek i reply, "Hey momma!". I frown as her face changes. Lecture time. Ugh. it is waaaay too early. "Now you know this is a new school and you--"

I cut her off," Mom I know..I will be on my best behavior damn!"

"Girl don't cut me off and watch your damn mouth!," she chastised." As I was saying... you better not go in there messing with all them fast ass girls."

No promises, I thought to myself but chuckled out loud.

" A kikiki my ass! I'm not playing with you Jasmine. Also as soon as you get there make sure you go to the office and get your bus pass." She finished.

"Yes Ma'am." I say and began to walk out.

"Remember what I said about those girls Jasmine!", she yelled after me.

I just smirked and walked out the door.

Waiting at the bus stop, I began to get impatient. Ugh this shit needs to hurry up! I was grateful when I saw the bus pull up around the corner and-- slowlyyyy-- made it's way to me.


The doors open. I turned back to my house and look at it once more before climbing onto the bus. Here goes nothing...

I was greeted first by yelling and screaming. Just great! I'm on the bus with a bunch of wild animals. Goodness it's only 7.am. I move to sit down all the way in the back, ignoring the shoving and pushing from the kids seat hopping. Trying to keep my anger in check, I sit down and attempt to tune them out by putting in my earphones. Please, let this bus ride be fast. Jamming to "Formation" by Beyonce, when I felt eyes. Someone is watching me.

Looking around until my eyes landed on this stud. She was light skin with dark brown eyes and short straight brown hair. She also had a horseshoe piercing in her nose. Sexy... Wait, Pause, I did NOT just say another stud was sexy. Ew, I sound like a cliche in my own brain. She took one of my earphones out, rude. "You're in my seat." She said to me. I just stared at her, not saying anything. "Hellloooooo do you speak english?!!," She yelled this time.

Everyone laughed, watching her yell at me. I decided to play with her.

"¡Por supuesto que hablo inglés idiota, sal de mi cara!" I shout. Smirking at her. (Translation: Of course I speak English idiot, get out of my face!) Her eyes darken, and I feel myself smiling because I had the upper hand.

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