Call Me Ella is the first book in a new series about girls that are aware of their lives so similar to fairy tales (the Aware Princess Series), therefore each book is based on a different fairy tale. You can read them in the order you want. This is an independent series.

This story is about Arabella Drennan and although it has One Direction in it, it's not about them and it doesn't centre on any of those characters. It's a coming of age story and it has an important lesson for you all. It's more than a fan fiction, don't just give up on this story because you hate One Direction. I swear you'll barely notice them.

Call Me Ella is based on Cinderella the animated movie, not the Hilary Duff version. It takes place during summer 2013, June, July and August. 

The flower on the cover is Gladiolus, it symbolises "Strength of character, honour, conviction."



book #1 - Call Me Ella {complete}
book #2 - Little Shy Ariel {complete}
book #3 - Brave Bold Belle {complete}
book #4 - It's Just Ann {complete}
book #5 - Blanca Like Snow {complete}
book #6 - Break Free Roselle {ongoing}
book #1.5 - I'm Still Ella {ongoing}

bonus - Aware Princess Series (extra material)
                 Aware Princess Series Conversations


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