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Summary: Matt asks the big question!

What to know:
D/C-Dress color
H/C-Hair color
F/C-Food choice
Y/N-Your name

Your POV
     Matt takes ahold of your hand, and you walk together to the front door. "This is so beautiful Matt." You whispered. Matt smiled, and squeezed your hand.
     Walking in, Matt kindly pulls out your chair, and you sit, trying not to show your light pink blush.
     "You look so handsome in your suit Matt." You compliment your boyfriend. Matt had his hair combed to the side, and it was gelled up the tiniest bit. Although he was wearing black, he seemed to be the brightest thing in the restaurant.
     "You look beautiful tonight too." Matt said with a smile. You were wearing a d/c dress, with matching high heels, raising you a good half of an inch. Your h/c hair was laid behind your shoulders, but you occasionally placed it behind your ear.
     "Th-thanks." You mumbled.
     Soon, a waiter came over and took your orders.
     "What can I get you two?" He kindly asked.
     "I'll have the lasagna, with a Diet Coke please." The waiter wrote down Matt's request, and turned to face you.
     "And for you?" He wondered.
     "I'll have the f/c please." The waiter nodded.
     "Those will be out soon."
     As you two watched the waiter leave, you chit-chatted about almost everything and anything.
     "The fans want more FNAF!" Matt groaned. "I know the new game is out, but I've just got nothing yet!" You giggled. You always loved when Matt got angry.
      You noticed Matt fiddling with his pocket, but you didn't question it.
     Shortly, your food approached, and you slowly got to work. Taking a few bites, you smiled. "This is really good!" You told Matt, offering him a bite.
     "I probably won't even eat all of mine! Maybe later."
     About fifteen minutes later, you both had finished eating, and ordered a piece of chocolate cake to share. "I'm honestly really stuffed." Matt sat back in his chair.
     You chuckled. This night had been perfect. Fancy restaurants, delicious food, your favorite person in the whole world... How could it get better?
     Suddenly, Matt sat up in his chair. He took his now empty glass, and lightly tapped it with his fork. Everyone hushed, and all eyes were on you two.
     "Matt?" You embarrassingly whispered. "What are you doing?" Matt smiled at you, and stood up.
     "Everyone," he spoke proudly. "I would like you to meet Y/N. She is the most beautiful, amazing person I've ever met," Matt looked at your blushing face, but continued.
     "I don't know why she wanted to be with a nerd like me, but she did. She makes me a happier guy, and I don't know what I'd do without her." Slowly, Matt made his way to your chair, and pulled out a small box from his pocket.
     You covered your mouth, suppressing a scream, and felt tears form in your eyes. "Y/N," Matt began again. "I love you so much, and I would do anything for you," Matt got down on one knee, and held the now open box in front of you, showing a beautiful ring.
     "Y/N," he smiled. "Will you marry me?" You nodded your head, not trusting your words.
     "Yes," you managed to choke out. "Yes I will Matt." Matt placed the ring on your finger, and kissed you, wrapping his arms around your neck.
     You suddenly heard clapping and cheers, and you knew, that this was how it could get better.

Awe! I like this chapter :3
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