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The elevator takes forever to make it to floor13 but I'm used to it as it's the floor I live in.

After 5 minutes, I finally step out and make my way to room 709. When I'm facing the door I hear loud music and some talking or singing. What would they need from me?

I knock one.

Nobody opens the door

A second time.

Again, nobody opens the door.

''Whatever, they're having their party. Elliot must've been wrong.'' I turn around and when I'm half the hallway someone screams.

''Hey, are you coming or not!?'' I turn around but by then, the guy was no longer there. He just left the door open. I doubt for a moment but then I shrug and go in, shutting the door behind me.

Lights are off and the music is way more loud. I see people all over the room but don't get to see their faces.

Are they seriously important people or is this just a prank Elliot is doing to me?

As I walk through the people I give a misstep and I fall into a pool of vodka or some kind of drink.


Now my clothe is all wet and I smell like vodka. I stay there trying to fix all my clothe and when I try to stand up someone stops in front of me blocking my way, making me sit back down.

''You should be more careful next time. You don't want bruises all over your body'' He's giggling and talks with a soft voice but I can still hear him over the music. He reaches me his hand for help but I don't take it so he just turns around and starts talking with other people.

What makes him think he can give me help and then laugh at me?


Sorry for the short chapter, I promise next one will be longer. Thanks if you're reading this, tell your friends too! Kisses 

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