Pool Time

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*Kaleigh's Pov*

Harry finds my flat and drops me off. I immediately start getting ready since my sisters aren't home.

I start the shower and get in, feeling the hot water on my sore body. I wash my hair with strawberry scented shampoo and conditioner. When I'm finished I get out and dry off.

Harry and I are going to a pool, so I want to wear my favorite bikini. It has the American flag on it and is strapless. I know what you're thinking, yes I am from London but the bikini is so cute! It fits me tightly and makes my boobs look good, which Harry should like. I put a white see through crop top and jean shorts on over it. I pull my hair into a messy bun and put on blue flip flops.

My phone vibrates and I see it is a text from Kayla:

Kayla: "Hey Kaleigh! I'll be home shortly...spent the night with Niall. Xx"

I smile and reply.

Me: "Hey! Good for you. I staid the night at Harry's and I am going on a date with him. I probably won't see you until tomorrow morning."

Kayla: "Okay! I have a date with Niall and Olivia has a date with Louis too! We won't be home ether...have fun! Xx"

Me: "You too! Love ya, bye."

I check the time and see that Harry should be here any minute! I grab a bag and through in sun tan lotion, water, a towel, and sunglasses. I hear a knock on the door.

*Harry's POV*

I'm wearing navy blue swim trunks, no shirt, and white flip flops. I just knocked on Kaleigh's door and I am waiting nervously for her to come open it. Finally, the door opens to a beautiful Kaleigh. Her ginger hair is pulled into a bun and I can see her bikini top through her white shirt. 

"Hello beautiful," I greet her with a smile. She blushes and looks at the ground. I put my pointer finger under her chin, making her look at me. "Don't be shy love, your hot." I give her a little peck on the lips.

"You don't look to bad yourself Styles," She giggles.

"You ready to go?" She nods and steps out of the house, locking the door behind her. 


*Kaleigh's pov*

The whole ride there we laugh and joke with each other. He asks me about my job and I tell him about my modeling and how Kayla is in the same agency as me. He says he isn't shocked about my job because I have the body for it. This makes me blush again. He always laughs when I blush and it makes me feel..better? Yeah..that's the word.

I'm brought out of my thoughts when Harry opens the door for me. I smile and get out of the car. "Where do you want to sit?" I ask Harry.

"How about over there?" He says while pointing at two lounge chairs. I nod and we walk over there. I put my bag on one of the chairs and start to take off my shirt and shorts. Harry's eyes are glued to my body.

"You like what you see Harry?" I ask him while walking over to him and kissing his lips lightly. I pull away and he frowns.

"Lets get in," he whispers in my ear. I grab his hand and pull him towards the pool. He falls into the water.

"Ops." I say with a wink.

"You're going to pay for that! Get in here!" I jump in on command.

He takes me by my waist and pulls me close to him. "Are you going to punish me?" I ask biting on my bottom lip. His eyes grow wide and I can feel him getting bigger in his swim suit. 

"Do you want me to?" He whispers huskily in my ear. This sends shivers down my spine. 

"Yes but not here. We need to wait until we get home." He frowns at my response. I just giggle and swim away.

We swim for hours and soon it is 3:30. We have been here for 3 and 1/2 hours. Wow! 

"Harry?" I ask him while he holds me close. 

"Yes Kaleigh?" He asks while looking at me with his deep green eyes. 

"Let's go home so you can punish me," I whisper in his ear while sucking on it lightly. He moans and pulls me out of the pool. 

(Back at Harry's flat) !!!!WARNING THIS PART IS DIRTY!!!!

*Still Kaleigh's POV*

Harry is trying to get the door to his flat open. It seems like he can't do it fast enough but he finally gets it open. He pushes me up against the wall and kisses me as he locks the door. Harry's hands travel down my back, trying to reach my shirt. His soft touch tickles me. I giggle lightly against his lips.

"Whats so funny?" Harry asks smirking.

"Your hands tickle!" I say still giggling . He lays me down on the couch and tickles me some more.

"H-Harry stop!" I yell out of breath. Harry climbs on top of me and kisses my lips again. This time it's filled with lust and hunger. He moves down to my neck and begins to suck on it. I moan his name.

"Say it louder baby! I want the whole world to know how good I make you feel!" Harry says. His hand going down my shirt and into my shorts. He makes small circular motions.

"Harry!" I nearly scream.

"Sit up!" Harry demands. I sit up and Harry lifts my shirt off. He unties my bikini top and kisses my boobs. I moan inside. He kisses all the way down my body until he reaches my shorts. He pops the button open and unzips them with his teeth. He pulls them off and flings them across the room. I think for a second and stand up. Taking his shirt off, and pushing him on the couch. I put my hands on his hips and take his swim trunks off in one swift motion. I take his member in my hands and go down, this causes Harry to let out a groan.

"Harder Kaleigh!" he groans. I go farther down but this time apply more pressure. Harry arches his back in response.

"Kaleigh!" He yells. The thought of me giving him this much pleasure makes me wet. Harry lifts my head up and looks in my eyes.

He picks me up bridal style and carries me up to the bedroom. He puts me down on the bed and lifts my head up to kiss my forehead. He stops at my entrance.

"Are you ready?" Harry asks me.

I nod and he continues. He enters me without going slow, but I don't feel any pain at all, just pleasure!

"Faster Harry!" I moan. Harry speeds up making our skin slap together. Harry pulls me closer and goes in farther. I run my nails down his back causing him to have marks. The boys will make fun of him for that.

"Harry!" I yell, and he smirks.

"I love it when you say my name," He whispers while kissing me on my neck and just below my ear. I can feel that my high is close. "H-Harry! I'm c-close!" I moan loudly.

"Me too b-babe, just one second." He stutters and goes faster than before. He's slamming into me with force and we both climax! The room is fills with moans and groans. Harry pulls out and climbs off of me. 

"Kaleigh, you're amazing," He says while kissing my forehead.

"So are you," I sigh out of breath.

"Will you be my girlfriend Kaleigh?I know we just met, and it's so sudden but I promise I will never hurt you. I've never been happier than when I'm with you. Make me a happy man and say yes, please?" I look at him shocked.

"Harry, I would love too! Oh my God, yes!" I say with pure joy and kiss him.

"Thank you Kaleigh! I promise I will never let you go," He kisses me and pulls me in close to him, letting me fall asleep on his chest.

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