He hits you

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I was crying, sitting on my bed. Gerald had been gone for three days and I was really worried.
I heard the door slam open. He walked up the stairs stomping his feet. He pushed the door open fast." Gerald!? Where were you for the past three freckin days?!" He seemed drunk." None of your fucking business." He said." It is my business. I've been worried about you and where you were this whole time!" "I don't honestly care. I starting to regret ever even asking you out." I cried and stood up," Gerald Earl Gillum! What the hell has gotten into you?! You were perfectly happy and fine before you left!" I looked at my diamond ring and pulled it off," Here take it! I don't need to be your fiance." I said and threw it at him. He pulled my arm towards him and punched me hard in the face making me fall to the ground.
It took him a while to realize what he had just did," I'm so sorry baby! I-" "Save it Gerald! I don't want to hear it." I pushed past him with a bruise on my cheek from where he punched me.
" (Y/N) wait please!" He yelled. I opened the front door and looked back," Goodbye Gerald!"
A/N should I make a part 2?

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