Rolling Stone

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Hi my name is Tara I'm a 20 year old woman who does drugs to escape from my pathetic life. When I was about 16 I ran away from home because my parents was abusive. They use to beat me til I was black and blue because they hated me. My dad he use to rape me cause he wanted to show me some "love" which was B.S. we both know he hated me and I was ok with that because the feeling was mutual. Any ways to make a living I strip or have sex for money. But yea that's my background.

What's up I'm Abel I'm 23 and I ain't gone lie I've had a hard life. I do drugs to escape from the pain. I'm so numb to life that I don't feel anything anymore because when I was 12 I witness my mom getting killed and I've been on these streets trying to hustle I sell dope also and I got a lil job at taco bell. one day I plan on getting clean and becoming somebody.


It was the end of my shift at the strip club and the night was kinda slow so I decided I'll go have sex for some cash because it was the first of the month and I needed to pay my bills. so I went home to my crappy one room apartment and I snorted so I could get a high and I left and I started walking to my usual corner which was 5 blocks from my house. On my way To the Corner I bumped into this guy he was really cute his hair was really nappy though lol but little did I know he would become my life.


I'm so high right now I can't even think straight. I just got home an hour ago and work was pretty horrible today. me and a coworker almost got into a fist fight. I took some ecstasy when i got home and I decided to go for a walk. while I was walking I bump into this girl she seem intriguing. Im going to get to know her.

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