My Stalker [{A Mindless Story}] [{ BoyxBoy}]

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Rayan's POV

I was sitting in my room doing my homework. Every single day it feels like someone is watching me. One time I woke up in the middle of the night and I seen someone outside my window. But when I went to look no one was there.

This has been going on for a month now. I don't wanna call the police but I will If I have to. I haven't told anyone about it either. I have been getting notes in my locker also. They are like weird notes.

One of them said: Dear Rayan Lopez,

You don't know what I want to do to that sexy ass body of yours

-Love, Your Lover.

I don't tell anyone about the notes because that's really embarrassing.

I was about to change but it still felt like someone was watching me, so I went in my mom's room and changed.

Jacob's POV

I was sitting in the tree next to Ray's window just watching him do his homework. I am one of his bestfriends, and I can't help myself if he is that sexy. I have been watching him for a month now.

Yes, I am gay. Ray is too, but the thing is... he has a crush on someone else. He doesn't know I like him and he doesn't know I stalk him either. I like the sight when he changes, I get to see his nice round ass.

Anyway. When Ray walked into his mom's room I climbed down the tree and walked home.

I would just ask him out... but I don't want to feel rejection.

When I got home, I went up to my room and got one of my photo albums. This one was filled of pictures of Ray. You might say I'm obsessed...

because I am!


And that was the first chapter!!

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