Just Business

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Hello everyone! So I am spreading my wings a little and stepping away from paranormal romance. This story will be all normal and naturally human. However, there will be some explicit materiel, i.e Bondage, Dominance, Sex, Vulgar Language, Violence, etc

Any sexual content rated R will be posted as another chapter in ANOTHER story titled 'Just Business. Rated R' 

Please no complaints, I really wnat this to be considered for Watty Awards and to be featured on the most popular pages. So this will be PG-13. Any periods that end with *************** will mark the beginning of a sexual scene which you can read in the other version. Thanks everyone! Enjoy@


                                                            Just Business

Chapter 1

            For one moment I wasn’t alive…or at least it felt like I wasn’t. Underneath this water I kept my eyes opened and watched the blurry images of candles flickering on the bathroom wall. The air in my lungs was compressed and I felt a sudden urge to breathe. Flashes of lightening and the sounds of gunshots rang out through my head. The events of the last few hours were taking its toll on my psyche.

            “Just a few more seconds.” I thought to myself, hoping for just a few more moments I could pretend I was dead. There were no problems for dead people. They just remained…wherever it is we go after death. I turned my head towards the door when I heard the urgent banging of my roommate, Vanessa.

            “Nora Strong if you don’t open this door right now I will call the police!” her warbled voice reached me and I sat up, the water cascading down my naked torso and landing with a soft ‘drip, drip’ into the tub.

            “You wouldn’t call the cops.” I said, my voice monotone, and sighed. I was used to Vanessa’s theatrics by now. She had majored in drama at the community college back in Texas. She definitely wasn’t meant for the small town girl life, raising babies on the farm and milking the cow everyday. Neither was I, for that matter, and that’s what made us such extraordinary friends when we first met. Soul Sisters we would say.

            “Ok, you’re right. But I will call your mother.” I could almost hear the smirk in her voice as she said the M word.

            “Fine! I’m coming out. Just give me a minute.” I muttered a few curse words under my breath as I reached for the towel sitting on top of the toilet. I wrapped my hair up tightly and then did the same to my body. The sound of the drain warbling down my bath water echoed around the small bathroom. If I stretched my arms widely, they would touch each of the four peach chipped walls. I guess this was the price for a cost efficient apartment in New York.

            I didn’t want to look in the mirror, but I knew it was impossible to keep denying what had happened. I wiped the steam down with a washcloth and squinted to see the damage. My eyes flickered over my face, assessing everything with a grim look. All I could see was the dark purple bruise that covered my left eye and a deep scarlet cut slicing through my lower lip. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, my eyebrows rose in surprise, which in turn caused me to wince.

            “Now for the rest of the goods.” I unwrapped the damp towel and set it down on the floor as I took in my naked body. A blue and purple handprint circled my upper arm and an angry red welt that was starting to look a sickly yellow sat right over my stomach. My hands roamed the rest of my body, trying to see if anything hurt. The welt was the worse of them; a deep throb of pain penetrated my stomach as I took a deep breath.

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