It has been 9 years my life started with the Cullens. I am 13 right now. I just turned 13 in Feburary. My name is Gabriella Pezzella, But I like Gabbie Cullen better. My sister, Samantha is nicknamed Sammie. Our father abused us so I ran. I got attacked and they killed my mother. Sammie eventually found me and stayed with me and the Cullens.

 "Gabbie! Aubrey is here!" Momma yells. I smile, Aubrey and me became best friends in the whole world since we were 5. We even pinky promised, to you it might not be a big deal but to me, pinky promises are the real deal.

 Aubrey comes walking in my room as I shut my journal. Nobody knows about it except her. "Hey Chico..or Chica..whatever it's called" and she flops on my orange bean bag. "Heey" I smile. "Whatcha doin?" I shrug. She nods and looks around, "Wanna go eat and watch t.v?" I laugh and smile devilishly "Race you!" and she darted out the room.

 Me and Aubrey we are always so competitive, we are kinda like guys, eat, wrestle and then sometimes do girly things. I jump over Aubrey and stick my tongue out, "Ha! Ha! Sucker!" She pouts then pushes me. I smile and she walks up to the fridge. "Want me to make you anything Ladies" Momma smiles at us.

 Me and Aubrey put our finger against our cheek and think. "Cookies!" We said at the same time. We look at each other and laugh. Momma smiles and then nods.

 I walk into the living room with Aubrey on my tail. I sit down and Aubrey flops into the recliner. "So..Where's Edwardo?" Aubrey smiles. Me and Edward, we aren't in a relationship because it's complicated but Aubrey knows I like him that way. I am waiting till I turn 15 to tell him how I feel. but he really cares about me, he cradles me like a baby still and helps me sleep.

 "Someone say my name?" Edward smiles and walks in. I smile wide as he sits next to me and wraps his arm around my neck. He kisses the top of my head and looks at Aubrey. "Edwardo! I missed you!" Aubrey jumps up and hugs him. "Aubrey? It's been 4 hours." I laugh and she smiles "Hey that's a while to me!".

That's when Sammie and Josh walked in hand in hand. I think they are just so cute together! "Awwh! Look at the two lovebirds!!" Aubrey cooed. Sammie looked at me and raised an eyebrow. I shrugged, 'whatcha gonna do'.

Esme walks in with a tray of cookies. Me and Aubrey take stacks of them, I mean i don't know where it goes but I am all muscle from sports and me and Aubrey are like sticks. I took a bite of the first one, that's when I heard "Tanya and the rest of the Denali's are coming here". Once I heard Tanya, I started chocking. I spit out the cookie not even bothering where it went.

I looked up and saw an angry Josh covered in chewed up cookie. Aubrey and Sammie bursted out laughing. I smiled weakly and looked around.

Tanya has been trying to 'get' with Edward for years now, but he doesn't show any interest for her.

How in god's name am I going to be able to put up with Tanya?

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