"Thank You" I Said.

"No Need To Thank Me For Being A Gentleman" He Said.

I Just Shook My Head.

"Have You Ever Sat In Front Of A Pond Before?" I Asked Him As I Looked At The Pond. I Don't Know Why I Asked I Just Wanted To.

"Actually Yeah" He Said. "The Last Time I Sat At A Pond Was Years Ago When I Was In Elementary..." He Said.

"Elementary?" I Asked.

"Yeah I Had This Huge Crush On This Girl... She Was The Prettiest And One Day I..." He Started But Stopped. "Nevermind" He Said.

"Come On Tell Me" I Said.

"Nawl You Might Start Thinking I'm Soft" He Said.

"Gemini Please I Wanna Know About Your Little Crush" I Said.

"See... You Already Started" He Said As He Shakes His Head.

"Gemini I Won't Tease You Or Anything If That's What Your Thinking" I Said.

"You Sure" He Said.

"I Promise" I Said.

"It Was This Girl... We Were Young And I Thought I Loved Her And I'm Talking Elementary Here... She Was On The Playground One Day Reading A Dr. Seuss Book It Was This Big Book With All His Stories Inside It... And Me Being Like My Dad All Confidence And Being The Man Even Doe I Was Like This Short" He Said Gesturing His Height With His Hands. "And This Girl Was Taller Than Me" He Continued. "She Never Wanted To Talk To Me Doe She Was A Little Stuck Up..." He Said.

"Why She Gotta Be Stuck Up?" I Asked.

"Cause As Sexy As I Was She Didn't Want Me" He Said. "Still Is To" He Cockily Said.

"No" I Said.

"Come On You Know It" He Said To Me.

"Continue With Your Story" I Told Him.

"Anyways I Was A Persistent Lil Dude" He Said.

"Did Your Dad Teach You To Be Persistent?" I Asked Him.

"Yeah... How'd You Know?" He Joked.

"Whatever... Tell Me How'd You Get A Girl Who Didn't Like You By A Pond?" I Asked Him.

"See I Was Smart... I Knew If I Took Something She Loved She'd Come For It... And She Loved Her Dr. Seuss Books And That Exactly What Happen... I Led Her To The Pond Then I Asked Her To Be My Girl And Then Could You Believe It She Refused" He Said.

"I Believe It" I Said. "And I Remember That Day Like It Was Yesterday..." I Said.

"You Do?" He Asked Me.

"Yeah I Do" I Said. "I Had Just Got My Hair Done And I Had My New Floral Dress On And There I Was Peacefully Enjoying My New Book... Until You Came Along Ruin My Day... You Threw My Book In The Water And Then Pushed Me After It And Laughed With Your Friends" I Said Standing Up.

"But Tay" He Started But I Cut Him Off.

"I Was Just Starting To Enjoy This Night" I Said. "But You Had To Ruin It" I Told Him As I Walked Away.

"Tay Where Are You Going?" He Asked Me.

"Taylor" I Said. "And I'm Going To Wait By The Car Cause I Want To Go Home" I Said.

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