Chapter 21

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(Tay POV)

So Far This Is The Best Christmas I Ever Had. I Never Had A Family To Spend The Time With And Who Would've Thought That It Would Be Gemini's Family...

"Taylor Dream Williams" Gemini Repeated As We Walked Thru The Park.

After Dinner Me And Gemini Headed To The Park To Walk And Talk... Like Casual Friends Do...

"That's Like Your 3rd Time Saying My Name" I Said.

"Its Got A Nice Ring To It That's Why" Gemini Said.

"So Does... Gemini Trenton Davis" I Said Causing Him To Stop In His Tracks. "What?" I Asked.

"I Don't See It" He Said Then We Continued Walking. "But I Do Like The Way You Say It Doe" He Said.

"Then I Won't Say It Again" I Said.

"You Take The Fun Out Of Everything" He Said Pouting A Little.

"Whatever Big Baby" I Said.

"Your A Bigger Baby Than I Am" He Told Me As He Stepped In Front Of Me.

"Am Not" I Said.

"Yes You Are" He Said. "Your A Wittle Baby" He Said Lightly Grabbing My Cheeks.

"Stop" I Said Slapping His Hands Away From My Face.

"I See Why TD Call You Cheeks..." He Said.

"Why?" I Asked.

"Cause There So Chubby And Adorable" He Said.

"Oh Be Quiet" I Said.

"Especially When You Make That Cute Sour Face Of Yours..." He Said.

"Now When Did You Ever See Me Make A Sour Face?" I Asked Him.

"When Chloe Dared You To Stick 4 Crybaby's All Dipped In Green Lemon In Your Mouth At The Same Time" He Said.

"You Saw That?" I Asked Him.

"Yupp I Even Got A Picture... It Was To Cute Of A Moment To Miss" He Said.

"Delete It" I Said.

"No I Can't" He Said.

"Why?" I Asked.

"Because I Got To Keep The Memories" He Said.

"You Better Not Show Anybody" I Said.

"I'll Try Not To" He Joked.

"I'm For Real Gemini" I Said.

"A Kiss And I Promise You I Won't" He Said. I Shaked As I Continued Walking. This Boy Is Hilarious.

"I Give You Permission To Show The Whole World" I Said. "Cause Our Lips Will Never Touch" I Added.

"You Can't Resist For Long" He Told Me. "I Be Seeing The Way You Stare Me Down" He Said.

"Never Have I Ever" I Said.

"Mhmmm" He Said.


We Then Headed Towards The Pond. Gem Had A Blanket. He Picked A Spot And We Sat Down.

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