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It was a slow day at the tower. There had been no calls for quite a while, so everyone was desperate for something to do. Tony had disappeared down to his lab on day three of no action, and no one had seen him since. Last anyone heard, he was working on some top secret project that Jarvis wouldn't disclose.

Everyone else was playing a game of Uno in the common room. Currently, it was a tie between Natasha and Clint, with both of them having one card. I was dead last, with fourteen cards. The game had been going on for ages, when finally...

"Yes! I win! Ha!" Clint shouted happily as he threw his final card down onto the pile. A red six.

As he celebrated, I gently put my cards down and stood up. "Now that that's over, I think I'm going to spend some time in my room," I said. Natasha nodded in acknowledgement.

As I was beginning to walk away, Jarvis' robotic voice rang through the room.

"Sir has requested that everyone join him in the workshop immediately," The British voice stated.

"Are we finally going to see what Shell head's been working on?" Clint asked, still smiling from his victory.

"Why else would we be going down there?" Steve responded.

We all made our way to the elevator. Just before I entered, I realized something.

"I'll meet you guys down there," I said, quickly turning and walking back to the common room, "I have some things I want to have Tony look over." I looked back to find that the doors had already shut. I chuckled at their haste to get downstairs. 

I jogged over to the table where I had last seen my notes. I scooped them up, and, after checking that they were all there, headed back to the elevator.

I was halfway to the workshop when I heard a loud rumble, followed by a loud boom!

"Jarvis! What happened?!" I asked panickedly. I could feel my heart rate rising.

"My cameras have been damaged Dr. Banner, but it seems like Sir's invention has exploded."

"Is anyone hurt?"

"I am not sure."

I groaned. The elevator doors dinged, signifying that I had reached the desired floor. I dashed out as soon as the doors were open wide enough, frantically looking around for my friends.

"Tony? Is everything alright?" I called out. I scanned the area near the door, searching for any sign as to where everyone had gone. A small pile of moving clothes hidden behind a table caught my eye. I cautiously approached the clothes, grabbing a large wrench on my way. As I got closer, I noticed several other piles of squirming clothes next to the scorched remains of some machine.

"Hello?" I held the wrench up. After a few second of nothing happening, I reached down and flipped the clothes over.

What I saw nearly made me faint.

Lying there, staring up at me with big, round, curious brown eyes... was Tony Stark.

A tiny version of Tony Stark, complete with a tiny Arc reactor.

He smiled at me and raised his arms, making grabby hands. When I didn't pick him up, his face twisted. Sensing an impending temper tantrum, I quickly scooped up the tiny inventor.

Finally finding my voice, I called out for the others.

"Steve? Clint? Natasha? Thor?" A pile shifted when I said the last name. I walked towards it, shifting Tony in my arms so I could reach down and flip a shirt over. Now that I thought about it, the clothes looked a lot like the ones Thor was wearing just this morning.

Sure enough, when I looked, a pair of bright blue eyes stared right back at me. Thor look suspicious, and for once in his life, kept his mouth shut. I sighed and glanced around. I could see Steve's clothes, Clint's clothes, Natasha's clothes... and another pile of clothes?

I ignored the other pile for the time being and walked over to the pile closest to me, which just happened to be Steve's. I called his name as I walked towards him.

"Steve? Can you come out buddy?" I asked. The pile shifted, then a small head popped out. The blond haired boy looked up at me.

"Who are you?" He asked, tilting his head. I realized that if Steve didn't remember me, none of the other 'children' probably did. I quickly thought up an explanation as to why he would be here.

"My name's Bruce, and I'm a friend of your Mom's. She asked me to watch you for a bit." I reached down to lift him up. The boy nodded. 

"Now," I muttered, looking around ot the piles of clothes that were suspiciously still, "let's find your friends."

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