Chapter Fifteen

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*1 week later*
Cara's POV
Today was my birthday but I don't plan on doing anything, I never do. We are all in Chino because the next Magcon is tomorrow and that's why we are flying to Boston tonight. Everyone else just decided they wanted to chill with me and Cameron which I was a little annoyed about, but they left two days ago. I made plans with Andrea to go shopping, which is where I am right now, and that's pretty much it. But it's not like I care because I like how I spend my birthdays. I was so stupid when I ran off stage at the event in Philly because Jacob thought I didn't actually want to, but I ran because it was way too embarrassing. I could tell Cameron doesn't like him dating me, and I always catch him staring between Hunter and Jacob. Is there something they're all hiding that I don't know? Me and Cameron went shopping after the event and he bought me a phone because he felt I needed it incase I got lost during the tour. It was an iPhone 6s in rose gold because he insisted we had matching phones and I just went with it because when he wants something, he gets it. My phone started to ring as I was looking at makeup in 'Forever 21' and it was Jacob.

"Hi Cars, where are you right now?" He asked in his weird as voice (A/N: Jkjkjkjk). "I'm in 'Forever 21', why?" I answered. "Oh it's nothing big. It's just me and Cameron agree that the pale blue crop top will look the best on you", he said in a casual voice.
I started to look around like crazy before asking in a hushed voice,"Are you guys watching me or something?!"
He then replied with,"Just turn around". When I did, they were both standing there with goofy laughs staring at me. I started to get the same goofy smile when Nash appeared beside him. I haven't seen Nash for a long time like, since we left for the first Magcon! I ran up to him and Jacob opened his arms, but I hugged Nash which made Cameron laugh.

"Happy birthday Cars!" Nash said with his surfer dude accent. Everyone just decided that that was my nickname and I guess it just stuck. After I hugged Nash, I hugged Jacob who was glaring at Cameron for laughing. Andrea and me left to pay for everything before getting ice cream with them. When we walked out the store with our ice cream, a bunch of fans swarmed around us and were throwing numbers at us. I laughed because of how used to this I was, but Andrea had wide eyes the whole time. In the car, I sat next to Jacob in the back and Cameron was driving with Andrea beside him. We were on our way to the house because we were all going to go to the beach and chill with Jc and Kian. I ran up to my room and put on my swimsuit that covered my scars and was black. On top of that, I put on my white crop top, turquoise denim blue shorts, my white flip flops, and my dark blue denim jacket. We all drove to the beach and I ran up to Kian and Jc. Kian was wearing a beanie to cover up his bald head and Jc was making fun of his eyebrows. All of us made our way to a private part of the beach so that we don't get attacked by fans, but when we went there I stopped in my tracks and was so confused.
"Uhm, I think I'm seeing things", I said while pointing at the people in front of me. There were a few tables with thr Magcon family.
"Nope, they're actually here", Cameron said before I ran there and hugged everyone. Everyone changed into their swimming shorts and suits. I was talking to Daniel when Cameron came up beside me and asked,"Hey beautiful, what are you doing?"
I looked at him with wide eyes and said,"Isn't it obvious I was talking to Daniel before you swooped into our conversation?"
He chuckled then Carter came up and said,"Well damn girl, you gots a lot of attitude." I just shrugged before continuing to talk to Daniel but Cameron picked me up and threw me over his shoulder.
"Not again", I said in an annoyed voice. "I think we should wash off the attitude, right Carter?" Cameron asked giving him a smirk.

"Hmmm, ya you should", he replied while returning the evil smirk. I started to hit his back with my fists as he ran towards the water. That wasn't working so I pretended to fake cry and he quickly stopped and put me down with his back facing the water.
"Oh my gosh Cara, what's wrong?" He asked in a caring voice. I stated to laugh and looked up before pushing a confused Cameron into the water and turning around to run. Before I could run, he grabbed my ankle and pulled me down with him. Everyone else soon joined in but I noticed Jacob wasn't here and I went to get an ice cream. When I turned the corner after getting ice cream, I was horrified with what was in front of me. I dropped my ice cream and covered my mouth with teary eyes when I saw Jacob kissing another girl. He didn't even acknowledge my presence until I was running and he called after me. My phone kept ringing as I sat crouched with my knees to my chest in the trees. Cameron and Jacob kept calling and leaving messages, but I ignored it. I couldn't stay here anymore, I needed to leave. I quickly called an uber and went back to the apartment and locked my room door.

All the tears started to come out and they wouldn't stop as I clutched my pillow. Cameron called for the millionth time so I texted him to tell him that I left.
Cara: I left to the apartment because I couldn't stay there.
Cameron: Oh my gosh Cara, what happened? I'm coming home.
Cara: I saw Jacob and this girl.... He was making out with her.
Cameron: I knew I shouldn't have let him even get close to you, I'm gonna deal with his cheating ass in a second.
Cara: I don't really care anymore, bye.
I lied.
Cameron: bye baby girl. It's gets better I promise.
I sat there just staring into space and playing with the bracelet Cameron gave me. After an hour, he somehow walked into my room even though I locked it and sat beside me. He probably had a spare key or something. We both didn't say anything and he pulled me into his chest. I bursted into tears and he just sat there rubbing my back.

"He played with my heart, why?" I asked.
Cameron whispered," Sometimes people do things stupid, but they learn from their mistakes and act on it".
I sat up and wiped my tears before stating,"You can't forget about that day either huh?" He nodded his head and looked away.
I gave him a hug before saying,"I may have never forgotten what you said, but I forgave you because you deserved it." He hugged me back tighter before replying.
"Never grow up please". I laughed and mumbled an 'okay' before sitting and watching old YouTube videos with Cameron. Jacob kept calling and Cameron answered the phone, yelled at him, then hung up. I chuckled to myself and somehow no longer cared about what he did to me. I guess you can't damage people who are already damaged. It was 11:00 when I started to doze off and he whispered,"Happy birthday princess", and kissed my forehead. I smiled to myself before falling asleep.
I know I know, we need more of Cameron's POV but I promise I will write that eventually. I just need an actual idea because I'm sort of having writer's block and it is like 5:00AM here.
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