Chapter 13 Part Two

That night, things took a turn for the worst.

The guests began to arrive an hour and a half before the beginning of the performance. Starting as a small trickle, the audience members eased their way through the doors. Chloe as well as the rest of the ushers, got to work by showing each family to the seat set on their ticket. Time flew by and she began to relax. Before she knew it, this whole thing would be over and she could go back to her normal routine.

"Shelly, where is seat B237?" One of the other ushers asked.

Chloe held down the button, "B237 is near the left side of the stage, over by the edge walkway."


A small group of four clustered near the entrance caught her eye. She put on a polite smile and approached. "Hello, can I help you to your seat?"

The family members-two cute little grandparents and an elegantly dressed set of parents-handed over their tickets. W34. Good, those seats were close to the door.

She had just barely sat the group down when someone tapped on her shoulder. "Ma'am?" A suited man with a black earpiece gestured toward the side exit. "We require your assistance."

Her brain conjured up every single reason why someone like this man-and whoever he obviously worked for-would need her 'assistance'. Spill on the carpet? Diva meltdown backstage? Concerns about the security of the front entrance and the fire exits?

The man rested a stern hand on her mid-back, silently suggesting that making any move he found unsuitable would not be good for her. "We greatly advise you don't speak about this." He said lowly. She could still hear him well over the dim chatter of the incoming parents.

The question remained on her lips. By the time she got around to actually asking, the answer laid in her eyesight.

Holy. Shit.

The Prince stopped talking to another suit, turning in her direction. His eyes widened a bit before he could cover the expression with a polite smile.

Chloe frowned inwardly. Her self-esteem took a bit of a nose dive. She wasn't a Danika or even model material. But did he have to make her more aware of it?

Despite that though, Chloe's heart beat escalated until she thought for sure it would smash right through her chest. My God, he's right in front of me. Her crush, the star of all her fantasies. Right. There. If she took three big steps, she'd be able to reach out and grasp that muscular bicep of his. Those nicely toned, muscled beaut-

Stop thinking about his muscles. She scolded herself.

Prince Ethan Alexander stepped closer, and if anything, Chloe's heart galloped harder until her hands tingled and she couldn't breathe right. Was she supposed to bow? Do people even still do that anymore? Just in case, she lowered her head, avoiding his gaze. For the life of you, don't look him in the eye. It's disrespectable....I think.

The Prince looked her over. "I'm in trouble." He said.

"Trouble?" Chloe's voice sounded breathless. At least breathless was better than stuttering.

"We're lost." He said, and held out a ticket stub.

Her hand came out to grab the ticket. She prayed to God in heaven that he didn't notice the way her hand shook.

            At least the ticket gave her something to do. Standing around even somewhat close to the Prince could be dangerous for not only her speech skills, but also her thoughts. They were nice thoughts, though.

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