After a good 10 minutes, the tears finally stopped and I stayed wrapped in his arms. That song brought back so many things that I don't want to think about anymore. I wish I could just forget all about it, but I know that I can't because that is what brought him back to me.

Damon isn't my age exactly, he's 20, but he wasn't when I first met him. I was a freshman and he was a senior so he was 17 and I was 15. When he graduated that year, he was barely 18. I saw him as a distraction from Shane when he left, so I took the opportunity. I had no idea that I would fall harder for him than I had for anyone before.

Being with Damon was like nothing I have ever experienced before. He was a total badass, but he was sweet too. After he graduated, he decided to go into the army. When I heard that, I was heartbroken, but it wasn't my place to say anything. I knew he wanted to go so he could do something with his life. He promised that he would come back for me.

When he left, we were always writing to one another. A couple months after his first deployment, I got a letter saying that he'd been shot. I was torn apart inside. I cried for days because I didn't know whether he was alive or not. I had no idea if he was coming home.

I guess I finally got my answer since he was right here with me. And I knew by the look on his face that he wasn't going back, he was here to stay. That made me love him even more.

I placed both my hands on the sides of his face and kissed him lightly on the lips. When I pulled away, I think that was when we both realized that we were still on the side of the road because we laughed at the same time.

He was first to say something. "Are you ready to go?"

I put on my flirty smile and said back to him, "I don't know, I kind of like it here."

"Oh do you now?" his eyes searched mine as I positioned myself with my knees on his sides and kissed his neck.

"Mhm..." I nibbled on his neck as his hands slid down my back and into my jean pockets.

I moved my hair to the side as he brought his lips down to my neck and bit my soft spot, making an involuntary moan escape my lips. "Damon...."

"Hmm?" he said as his lips continued down my chest to the revealed skin there.

I pulled my body away from him and looked straight into his eyes as he looked into mine. "I love you."

"I love you too baby girl," he whispered back.

I smiled again as I sat back in my seat. "But I'm not that easy."

He didn't say anything, just turned the car back on and drove back onto the freeway. The radio turned back on in the process, but I soon remembered that I had my IPod in my bag. I got it out and plugged in the auxiliary cord. The song that came on was Horrifically Delicious by Blood on the Dancefloor. I sang along really loudly as I turned up the volume.

I ignored Damon as he gave me a really weird look and just shook his head. It must have been like 3 hours while we drove on the freeway when he finally got off and went towards the river.

He pulled up on the side and got out of the car, making his way around to open my door. We took our shoes off, rolled up our jeans, and walked along the river, our feet barely touching the water.

It was right then that I asked the question that had been itching at me all day. "What was it like?"

"What was what like?" he responded back.

I sighed. "What was it like in the army?"

*~* Damon's P.O.V. *~*

I knew what she asked me, I just needed a little more time to think about it. There are no words for what I experienced there. The hurt, emotional and physical, was almost more than I could bare.

Being away from Rikku for any amount of time, especially for that long, killed me. But I had to go, I made my decision and I wasn't going to change my mind.

When I got shot, all I could think about was her. I had to pull through for her because if I didn't, then I don't know what would have happened. I had to come back for her like I promised.

She took my hand and that pulled me out of the memory. "If you don't want to talk about it, it's ok."

"No it's fine," I reassured her. "It was just hard. The thought of coming back home to you is what helped me pull through." I squeezed he hand and put my arm around her shoulders as she put hers around my waist.

We walked all along the shore for a while just talking. There was one thing that surprised me and angered me a little bit though. "What is Shane doing back here?"

She looked up and me apologetically. "He didn't really say anything about why he's here yet. But it doesn't matter to me. What matters is that you are here with me now." Rikku stopped and walked in front of me and took both my hands in hers. "You mean everything to me. Shane means nothing. He left without one word like an asshole and didn't even try to contact me.

"But then you came and turned my life around. If I hadn't met you, I don't know where I would be right now. Probably locked up in my room, lifeless."

Her words touched me like nothing before. In her eyes I saw nothing but love and concern for me. She really felt nothing for him anymore. "I'm happy to hear you say that. If you hadn't then I don't think I would be able to give you this." I pulled the small box out of my pocket and gave it to her. "Go ahead and open it."

She eyed me carefully and opened it slowly. Inside was a chain bracelet with a heart attached to it. Her breath caught when she saw it. She picked it up and looked at it. The front was engraved with "For my love" and on the back it had the date "October 15, 2010".

Her eyes lit up and they filled with tears. "You have my heart Rikku. That's what this is. I know what it's like being away from you and I don't want to go through that again. I'll stay here with you for as long as you want. I'm not leaving you unless you want me to." I took the bracelet from her and clasped it onto her wrist.

She finally got her voice back when she said, "It's beautiful..."

"A beautiful gift for a beautiful girl." I pulled her into me and hugged her close, afraid that if I let go that I would lose her again. I'm not taking that chance.

I held her close as we walked back towards the car and the sun setting right in front of us. This is definitely the best homecoming day ever.

*~* Unknown P.O.V. *~*

I have been following them all day and nothing makes sense. I took a picture of them kissing as proof, but I need to make something happen otherwise I might lose my job. Something needs to happen. Someone needs to die. Tonight.

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