He shows you to his fans

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Gerald had a concert today and you guys were almost ready for it." Gerald! I'm so excited to meet your fans!" He smiled," I am too babe. They're going to love you." I smiled and blushed," Yeah I hope so."
*time pass*
G was finishing up his concert and he led you to his fans that had VIP tickets. As he walked out, the fans screamed and cheered." Hey guys, I'm so excited to meet you." Two girls started crying. They were both around 14 or 15 years old." I would also like you to meet my girlfriend, (Y/N)." They all cheered as I walked out," Hey guys I'm so excited to meet all of you!" "Us too!" I walked up to the two girls," Hello. You girls seem like you're really big fans." They nodded with huge smiles and a couple years rolled down their cheeks." I have been singing endless summer ever since I was nine years old!" One girl said i with brunette hair and a G-eazy shirt on." Awwe thats awesome! I'll be right back." They nodded an fangirled as soon as I left.
Gerald was almost finished with all his fans, some girls went home pratically naked with an autograph on their boobs." Gerald come here. I'd like you to meet some of your biggest fans." I said and pulled his arm towards the two fans. They were both screaming and crying when they saw him." G-eazy we're such huge fans of you! We've been listening to you ever since we were nine years old." I smiled and hugged the two girls." How old are you?" He asked." Fourteen." He smiled and I said," He can autograph something for you!" "Sign my arm." The brunette said." S-same." The blonde said. I smiled, the blonde is so cute." Blonde! Come here." She walked up to me." Can you sign my arm, and him too!" She said really nervously." Of course!" We both signed her arm and the other girl's too.
Everyone was gone and we went to our hotel." I'm tired." I said." I'm exhausted." He said. I passed out on the bed after saying," Goodnight."

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