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Asher pov.

I can't believe her father treats her that way! And she lets him. She could probably take him down with her pack since they adore her. But she doesn't do anything. She just takes it.

I push back my angry thoughts and grab my last bag. I get to go home for a week for Christmas. Most people have left already I can leave when ever I choose since I had car sent up here so u could drive myself. My parents are busy at the pack house.

I go to the bunk room to get the last of my things and find it empty. Guess everyone is gone. But as I make my way to my bunk I notice I was wrong. Tess sits in her bed. Book in her hand.

"What are you still doing here?" I ask.

"I could ask the same of you" she says.

"I was about to leave" I answer "when are leaving?"

"I'm not."

"Why?" I ask

"My father doesn't wish to see me." She says. If it bothers her she doesn't show it.

"You can't be alone on Christmas!" I tell her "come home with me." I say.

"I can't do that"

"Oh and why not?"

"Because. It'd be rude of me" she says.

"Id be offended if you turned my offer down" I say. Her lip turns up slightly.

"Fine then. I have to get my things though." She gets out of her bed and grabs her duffel bag. And neatly puts her clothes in it. And three books she leaves five others in the box.

"Why are you leaving those?" I ask since I know it's not a mistake. She never makes mistakes.

"I've finished them." She answers I nod and we walk out to my car. After putting the bags in the back.

We start diving in comfortable silence. Tess reads her book while the radio softly plays.

"So. Why do you like reading so much?" I ask

"To quote my favorite book;
I spent my life folded between the pages of books.
In the absence of human relationships.
I formed bonds with paper characters.
I lived loved and lost though stories threaded in history;
I experienced adolescents by association.
My world is one interwoven Web of words
Stringing limb to limb
Bone to sinew
Thoughts and images all together
I am a being comprised of letters
A character created by a sentence
A figment of imagination.
Formed Though fiction."

"Wow. You remembered all that off the top of your head?"

"I've read the book a thousand times so it's not very hard" she says with a slight giggle.

A giggle. The most perfect noise One could hear. I've known her for all this time and not once have I heard a giggle or a laugh but asking her about her books has made her open up. It's the books.

"So" I say trying to continue the conversation "what are reading now?"

"Oh it's called ever found. It's the third book in the trilogy."

"What is it about?"

"It's kinda hard to explain if you haven't read the first one. But it's like the 'other side' I guess and the only people who are there are kids because adults never get lost and-" she goes on for about an hours talking about how much she loves the book, the suspense, the twist, the Romance, and slowly her she'll breaks more in more, she's less formal when speaking, she talks about how she feels, she become a whole different person-not different- she becomes. Herself.

She becomes who she was before her father turned her into a alpha who could take someone out in three seconds. She turned into someone who expressed their feelings, with laughing and smiling. This is the real Tess that I have grown so fond of. It's her. For real.

After our very long conversation that lasted the whole trip-3 hours- we pull into my pack house. We get out grabbing our bags, I open the door.

"Asher is that you?!" I hear my mother from the other room. I give Tess a 'my mother is insane' look as she runs into the room hugging me. "I missed you so much how was-whos this?" My mom asks Tess straightens and changes her face so you can't tell what she's thinking. Just like that I've lost her.

"This is Tess" I tell her "she's my friend she'll be staying will be staying with us for the break.

"Well hello Tess I'm Margaret." She says sticking out her hand which Tess takes

"Nice to meet you she says"

"Come on I'll show you where you'll sleep." I tell her trying to get away from my mom.

We make our way up the steps.

'She's a cutie' my mom says through mind link. 'Is she that girl alpha?'

'Yes' I say making it up to the floor for only the alpha and beta.

'I like her' she says cutting the link.

"This is my room" i say walking down the hall "and this" I point to the door across from mine. "Is where you'll stay" I open the door to reveal the cream bed with a mahogany headboard. Then cream Carpet and walls. There a small bathroom connected

I leave her to get comfortable While I go and unpack my things so I can get them washed. Then go to her room. She Sits on the bed reading her book.

"You wanna go on a walk?" I ask.

"Sure" she says getting up and walking with me outside. We walk down a path in the back yard-which is a huge forest." So this is where you grew up?" She asks

"Yeah. My family has owned it for more generations than I can remember" I say

"452" she says looking around

"Of course you knew" I laugh.

"where are we going?"

"Why do think we have a certain destination?" I laugh.

"Back there where the trail split. You would have asked me which way I wanted to go. But instead you took the lead."

"What makes you think I would ask" I laugh

"Your a nice boy." She says. Making me blush slightly. If she noticed it she doesn't show it.

"I'm no boy" I say "I'm a man" I flex my muscles.

"I didn't notice" she says a playful smile gracing her face.

"Do you classify as a girl or woman" I ask. Laughing.

"Girl" she says I'm surprised.

"Why not a woman?" I ask

"I've been told you must preform an act before becoming a woman."

"You mean-"

"Yes I'm a virgin" I don't know why I'm surprised. She's so beautiful I couldn't see anyone keeping their hands off her. But the thought of another mans hands on her makes my eyes turn black. "Now where is it were going?"

"My special spot."

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