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*Loving My Abuser* Mindless Behavior Love Story

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Hi my name is Y/N and I'm living in a home with my abuser . I like really love him but he always hits me were not together but i wish we were he's my "Abusive Lover" I'm his house keeper

Sup I'm Chresanto but call me Roc Royal i have a house keeper her names y/n i love her i just can't express my love she wont feel the same way . I think i pushed her away by abusing her i love her . I really wanna be with her

*Their house *

Santos pov :I walked in the house with Jacob,Craig,and,Raquan and i seen Yn watching tv

Santo: Where the hell is our dinner

Yn: *scared* Im sorry i forgot

Jacob,Craig,and Raquan : Man we aint hungry we just gone leave *leaves*

Santo: See what you did *yells*

Yn : i didnt do anything *gets scared*

Santo: Yes the hell you did *slaps yn and goes upstairs*

* Yn's pov * . I hate this i want to leave *gets out her phone and calls Jacob the convo*

*whispers* Hey um can you come get me

Jacob:Um yea sure ill be there in 5 mins


*yn goes into their room while Santo is asleep and packs her clothes for about a week and Jacob pulls up and they leave *car ride*

Jacobs pov i knda like yn but i think shes in love with roc i really like her maybe we can hit it off why shes here *pulls up to Jacobs house he grabs your bags takes them to the room she's sleeping in *

Yn: Thanks Jacob

Jacob : anything for you

Yn:*blushing * thanks well um im going to bed *gives jacob a kiss on the cheek and an hug and leaves *

Jacob : *taking to himself * well at least you got a kiss jacob *goes to his room and goes to sleep

So guys this is my first book i kinda like it please read and comment and vote please

Ps :sorry for any mistakes


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