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I stood there in shock. "What"I said. "She got hit by a car"my dad said. "Aaron"my mom hugged him. They always had this love that I will never find. I ran to my room. "Lilith "my mom opened the door. "What"I lauded on my bed. "I want to show you something"she layed by me. "This is my journal that my friend Luncinda gave me "she handed me a notebook. "Ok"I said. She looked down. "She gave me that book when I found out I ...I listed the first baby "I looked down. "I want you to write in it cause i only wrote a few pages. "She said. She left and I started writing. I wrote about Josh and DJ. And then went to sleep. I woke up to a scream. "MOM "I saw my dad on the ground maybe dead. My mom tied up to a chair. "Look who aged fast"I heard a voice say. "Who are you"I turned."names Garroth "I stood there scared. My mom told me about this Garroth. "Well Jess I might take my bride early. "He grabbed me and I tried to run. "Hey Lilith you home. "DJ said. "DJ"I yelled. He ran inside and saw this. "Hey see you got an Aaron "Garroth. DJ jumped and attacked him. Then Garroth said he will be back soon. I untied my mom and she ran to my dad. "You ok"DJ said hugging me. "Yeah"I turned to my mom. "What early bride"I said a little mad to my mom.
She looked down

~Hope you liked it. Maybe Aaron is gonna die you never know. Hehehehehehe. Bye~

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