(A/N: Above is a drawing of how I picture Ros ❤️ Not my best work, but I saw that someone asked how she looked.)

There was no sure fire way to know that Ana was still alive, it had been a whole week now, and she had still heard nothing of her brother or Ana. The kingdom was starting to get a bit antsy, and now it was her time to go around helping them and reassuring them that the heir would surely return. Of course prince Dane would escort her around, which her father had insisted on. She still hadn't told Merlin about Dane, she was waiting for the right time.

Walking down the cobble streets with Dane at her side, it felt fake. She felt as if she was putting on a show for everyone to see, as if saying 'here, look at me with this man that I'm more than likely going to marry. Let me show you how in love I am with him', which was the exact opposite of her real feelings for him. Sure he was a nice guy, but it had never been a prince that she had seen herself growing old with. When she was younger, she had always thought that it would've been just her. Now, she saw herself by Merlin's side, sure maybe not as a queen, but as a wife to the man she loved. She turned her head to look at Dane, his red hair shining in the sun. She thought of the time that Merlin had said that when she was in the sun, she looked as if she was wearing a golden halo because of the reflection of light against her blonde hair.

"Your highness, you look pale, please, sit and rest a few minutes yes?" Dane broke her thought process with his words, and he reached out his upturned hand for him to take. She hasn't realized that he noticed her staring at him. Not saying anything, she simply nodded and took his hand in hers, letting him lead her to a small bench in front of one of the shops. Whispers of the townsfolk filled the air, an occasional giggle or laugh would reach Ros' ears and fill her with a tad bit of happiness for her people. If they could laugh during a time when their prince was missing, then they would be strong hearted and resilient when the time came.

"I think it's time we head back to the castle yes? My legs have grown numb and the sun is setting on the horizon, the towns people will soon be in their homes fast asleep," she rambled, not paying too much attention to Dane or the two guards that had accompanied them. She recognized the taller guard as the one that grabbed her when she revealed herself just over a week before, and she guessed that her father had personally asked for him. There was a lot of small things that her father had been doing this past week, minuscule things like having guards walk with her everywhere she went, sitting her next to Dane at the table during meals, asking Dane to try and preoccupy her with horseback riding or taking a walk in the garden. Uther was keeping a close eye on her she knew, so of course she needed to keep her distance from Merlin for some time.

"Of course your highness," the shorter guard said. He was unknown to her, his curly brown hair was pulled back with a tie and his face grew stubble in small patches covering his chin and cheeks. Dane helped her to stand, although she didn't really need the help, she just didn't protest to it. All day they had been out in town, she had reassured every innkeeper and shopkeeper in the city within this past week and it wasn't slowing down anytime soon. She loved the people sure, but getting this much interaction time with them in these few days is more than she'd had all her life, and it was exhausting. They returned back to the castle quickly and safely, and she decided to slip away from their little party to go ask Giaus for a sleep aide. She hadn't been sleeping well the past couple nights and had been waking up with night terrors, hopefully he had something to help her.

"I'm heading to Giaus for a sleep aide, there's no need to accompany me for I have traveled there and to my chambers many times. Thank you for escorting me today, and I suppose I'll expect you tomorrow morning as well?" She tried to keep her tone polite, no matter how irritable she was. The guards just nodded and walked off, while Dane stayed behind with his hands behind his back. "Is there something you needed your highness?"

"There's no need to call me that Ros, I'd thought we were at least on a first name basis by now?" He joked, a small twinkle in his eyes.

"I apologize Dane, things have just been hectic and I'm exhausted," she muttered, taking his offer to refer to him by his first name.

"It's no problem at all Ros, I just wanted to wish you a goodnight in private, and to let you know that your father has asked me to take you on a picnic. I told him that if you would let me, I would love to take you out for a nice meal on a hill with grass surrounding us," he said, bowing his head a bit with a hint of a smile on his lips. She didn't really want to go, but she knew that it was best to stay on her fathers good side for the time being, so she just nodded and muttered a yes and a goodnight. He left with a small bounce in his step and she quickly turned away and started walking towards Giaus' chambers, where she secretly hoped that Merlin would be as well.

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