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"Hello! Anyone home!" I open my eyes to the unfamiliar voice. I slowly sit up the same time as Harry.

"Gemma?" he groans, rubbing his eyes. I hear a door open and thudding, Quinn opens the door, her eyes closed.

"Aunt Gemma is here!" she says.

"You can open your eyes, we're decent" I say.

"Listen I am still getting used to the idea of my best friend dating my father so bear with me" she says, before running down the hall. I look over at Harry who is still rubbing his eyes sleepily.

"Your sister is here?" I ask.

"I guess, I didn't realize she was visiting"

"Do you want me to meet her?" I ask, he cocks his head to the side.

"Of course, why wouldn't I?" he asks.

"Do you want me to meet her, as your boyfriend or Quinn's best friend" I say, he looks at me kissing me on the lips.

"I don't care what she thinks, you can introduce yourself as anyone you'd like" he whispers.

"Where is my brother?!" The unfamiliar voice says.

"Let's go, she isn't very patient" he says, climbing out of bed. I follow pulling on one of my own shirts, and follow Harry downstairs. Gemma looked like Harry, but blond hair and female. She hugs Harry tightly before putting him in a swift head lock.

"I shouldn't have to pop in like this for you to talk to me" she hisses, before he pulls away fixing his hair.

"Sorry, I've been busy" he says.

"Of course, that's always your excuse" she says, before looking at me. She smiles glancing back at Harry. "Name's Gemma" she says, extending her hand.

"I'm Niall" I say.

"Are you dating my brother?" she asks, I look over at Harry who is just glaring at his sister.

"Yes" I say, hesitantly.

"Little young there Haz, didn't realize you had a thing for twinks" Gemma says, winking at me I blush as Harry growls.

"Watch it Gemma"

"Ma is going to eat her up" she says, looking at me again.

"Mom's here too?" Harry says.

"Yes, she is! We're staying until Christmas since obviously you missed us so much!" Gemma says, before turning to me. "Help me with my bags doll?" she asks, Harry steps in front of me before I can do so.

"I'll help you" he says, before pushing his sister back outside. I watch the door close before looking at Quinn who looks like she was holding in a laugh.

"Something tells me they don't like each other very much" I say.

"It's regular sibling rivalry Gemma is older, and since Harry left me with her for 5 years she holds that over him and she treats everyone he dates like shit" Quinn says.


"But I am sure she'll love you!" Quinn says, quickly. The door opens and an older version of Gemma walks in holding bags. "Grandma!" Quinn says, hugging the women.

"Quinn! My have you grown! Your father is hiding you away from me.... Haven't seen my granddaughter is almost two years what a sham, and who is this cute little thing" she says, looking at me and before I can introduce myself Harry and Gemma walk in.

"That's Harry's new boyfriend" Gemma says, mockingly.

"Oh my! Well I'm Anne sweet heart" she says.

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