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Hi guys!I'd just like to say Katelyn Nacon is Iden Winchester.This song is called Back In Black by AC⚡DC .The shirt is the design of Iden's shirt.That's all.

Chapter 1
Iden's POV.

Mom called for me from the kitchen to get up and ready for school.I pulled my black ACDC shirt on(shown in picture above),some jean shorts,black knee socks,and white converse.Yes,I know it's weird that an 11 year old is yearing an ACDC t-shirt while everyone is listening to abominations to music like One Direction and Justin Beiber(comment any I missed.).

I had 2 other friends that listened to the sane stuff as me,but they had different classes.Well,except for Science,we all had class together then.My 2 friends were,Jerusha and Helena.They helped me against the taunts of Angelina and her minions.Angelina was the queen of sixth grade,while I was Rock and Pie Queen.I ran down stairs and grabbed my back pack.

"Where are you going?"my mom turned around.

"I'm going to school.Don't worry,I'll eat an apple on the bus,"I said grabbing an apple off the table and shaking it in the air.

"Ok,but if I get a call from the bus driver saying,'Olivia Armstrong,your daughter has made a mess on the bus,AGAIN!'then no more eating on the bus,understand?"

I nodded,"Yes,I understand."
As I jogged toward the bus stop where all the kids of my neighborhood got picked up I noticed an unusual car.It was a '67 Chevorlet Impala.As it drove by I checked the plate.The car looked unfamiliar,the plate was unfamiliar,they must have moved in to a house close by.I perked as I heard ACDC blasting through the speakers.Shrugging,I followed the car.Well,I sorta had to,it was the way to the bus stop.When the car slowed and I passed,they turned the ACDC down and rolled down the window.Two men were in the car and by instinct I backed up to where the concrete connected with grass.

"Hey,I was wandering,"the driver looked both ways,making me back up more,"Where's the closest school?"

I gulped and slowly pointed toward the bus,"I really have to go."

"Please,"he asked.

"You'll find it,"I fixed my back pack,"Have a nice day.Just follow the yellow thing with screaming kids.Nice car and music by the way,"I walked off.

"Nice shirt!"I heard the man reply and I nodded.Then it hit me,if he followed the bus,he'd know where the other kids lived.Stupid,stupid,stupid.As I reached the bus stop,the bus pulled up.

"Hey,"Helena walked up behind me.

"Hey,"I replied,looking at my shoes.I couldn't help thinking about that car,that driver.He looked so familiar...

"Hey,Iden!Earth to Iden!"a hand waved infront of my face.

"Oh,sorry,"I pulled myself into the bus and picked a seat,Helena sitting down beside me.

"What was that?It's normally Jerusha spacing off,not you."

"Something happened,Helena.It's ok.Nothing important,"I got into my bag and grabbed the apple.

"What?"she leaned forward,"Tell me!"

"A car stopped me,asking for directions to the closest school,"I bit into the apple,"Aka,ours.The driver looked so familiar."

"How?"she asked.

"The eyes.A tad bit of the face,the music taste,"me and Helena laughed at that,"I don't know.I don't ha e his hair.I have my mom's."

"!"she said.Helena looked excited,like she was a FBI agent about to crack the hardest case.

"It's probably nothing,"I took another bite and her face fell,"Oh,Helly,cool it.It's nothing,really."

"That's what you said about that time in fourth grade,"she mumbled.

I sat up quickly and pointed at her,"That was a very embarrassing moment and Angelina didn't help telling Katy AND Oliver.Note Oliver's a BOY!He doesn't go through the things us girls do."

"Yea,sorry,it's just you put everything off."

"Well,I have to live with that the rest of my life.And the guy was just a stranger with the same eyes and facial features.And most people like ACDC that are his age."

She nodded and sighed,"Yea,I guess."We sat in silence the rest of the ride.

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