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CHAPTER 12: Rumor

Jin's POV

"Sweetheart wake up." -mom

"What time is it mommy?"


Whaaat?! Napabangon ako sa kama. Hala! Late na ako >___<

"Don’t worry dear. Inexcuse ka na namin sa mga classes mo for today. Pumasok ka na lang after lunch."

"Bakit mommy? Ano meron? Nalimutan ko na ngayon pala yung alis niyo."

"It's okay. Mag-ayos ka na and pupunta na tayo ng airport."

"Sige mommy"


Naligo na ako at nagbihis. Naka uniform na ako para pagkahatid namin kina mommy, diretso na ko ng school. Anytime naman pwede bumyahe sina mommy but they would rather fly early kasi sobrang busy daw sila. Bumaba na ako para kumain. Nauna na sila kumain kaya wala akong kasabay. Mga around 9 na nang pumunta na kami ng airport.

* In the airport *


"Mom, when will you come back?"  tanong ko

"Soon. But I think it will be on thursday night." sagot ni mommy

"But mom, that's my birthday. How about the party that you promised me?"

"Baby, your mom and I are very busy. We will try our best to be here on the day of your birthday. But about the party, we are not sure about it. We’re very sorry." -dad

Nanahimik na lang ako. Nagpromise sila tapos inuna pa nila yung business sakin? Ang sama naman nun. Naaappreciate ko naman na they will try to come back on the day of my birthday, but still pinangarap ko yung party na to kasi I’m turning 16.

"Charel, please be a good daughter. Don't be stubborn. Just break up with Zeke. And for you Axel, be a good kuya okay?" –mom

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