Chapter Fourteen

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Cameron's POV
I was sitting between Jacob and Cara on the plane right now. Me and everyone else had a plan for her birthday next week when we are back in Chino.
"Uhm.. Cameron?" Jacob asked me in a nervous tone. I turned to face him and nodded my head as a signal to continue. "Uhm, I'll just go ahead and ask really quickly. CanIdateCarabecauseiloveherandpromisetotakegoodcareofher." I chuckled because I actually somehow understood what he said before shrugging.

"Well that was easier than expected", he mumbled to himself which made me smile and look back at Cara. Maybe he will fill in what she is missing right now and make her better because I know you can't stop self harm that easily. I plan on watching myself with everything I say or do because I hate myself for what I caused her to do. Every once in a while I would glare at her wrist because I also knew it wasn't a one time thing.

"You know, don't you?" Jacob stated and I looked at him confused. When I figured out that he was talking about her cutting, he continued to talk but turned back to his phone.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of her." The truth was that I knew it wouldn't last because Hunter liked her too. I forgot to mention he came to some magcon's with us, but Andrea said she saw Jacob kiss her back at her apartment. I won't argue against this whole thing because she will hate me more than she does already, but I'll be there when her heart breaks.
Cara's POV
I was wearing something casual but changed when we got to the hotel room. I was sharing one with Cameron because I had to and pretended not to mind. Don't get me wrong it's just, I literally just forgave him less than 24 hours ago. And I would rather be in bed eating ice cream and watching 'Full House' for the 100th time, instead of on my way to the Magcon event downstairs. Everyone went quiet when I walked in with Cameron and looked shocked. Before I could go backstage, Jacob pulled me out with him and I gave up on pulling back. Taylor handed him the microphone and he started to say," Give it up for Cara!" before I could cut in because I knew what he was going to do.

He continued on," Who thinks we should do a Q&A with her?"

Everyone went wild which left me astonished as he passed me the microphone.
*20 minutes later*
I was about to say thanks and bye before going back to backstage, but Jacob spoke again,"I didn't get to ask my question yet".

I laughed as he went on,"Will you be my girlfriend?"

I was shocked but just nodded my head and ran off stage. While I was back there, I ran into someone because I was too deep in my thoughts to pay attention where I was going. I looked up and saw Cameron with his smart ass smirk on his face.

"That was cute up there", he said making me blush. "But tell him I will kill him if he hurts you mentally or physically", he said with a stern voice before giving me a hug and walking back on stage.
Sierra went to get something so I just sat there until I saw Hunter walk in, but quickly turn around when he saw me. I was confused and bored so decided to go on stage again. I just stood beside Cameron for the picture booth until we left. Everyone left to go somewhere, but I decided to stay back and watched 'Sponge Bob' with Jacob. I've spent the past few days at Andrea's watching Sponge Bob so I got tired of it and fell asleep. My favorite time because it's when I escape the world.
I know it's a short chapter and I never edit my writing but who gives a chicken fart. Anyways y'all are the best and thank you for 110 reads in a week?! Oh my llama it's honestly one of the best things I could ask for and tomorrow's my birthday so I might make a special chapter...
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