Chapter 5 - Neme

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-The Past-

After a long meal with Aaron's family we've all retired to the poolside area out back. Wine is flowing and Aaron seems pleased that it's a celebratory feel amongst everyone. Macie doesn't take long to start a barrage of questions in regards to the wedding plans.

"So, when is the grand day?" She sips her red wine and every few minutes or so. I see her shooting a studious eye in the direction of Cain's arm candy, Landry.

"We haven't decided on a date yet. I think we're just going to enjoy being engaged for a while."

"Oh, I see. So will you be moving in together now? I can't imagine you wanting to stay in that tiny apartment of yours near the university for a minute longer. Plus you do know the owner of that apartment complex is a huge supporter of gay marriage. He's not exactly someone you want to be giving your money to every month if you know what I mean."

Here we go.

"Macie, I appreciate your concern but I happen to like Mr. Williamson and his beliefs in regards to gay marriage are none of my business. Plus, I happen to be for equal rights for all human beings."

Her eyebrows shoot up. "You're a gay marriage supporter?"

"If that means I support all people to have the ability to marry whom they please then yes, you can say I'm a supporter of gay marriage. Though I'm not into politics nor do I really like to get involved in political discussions. I just think people should be able to love who they want."

She stares at me intently. "Does Aaron know your stance on this?"

"Macie, Aaron and I don't really discuss politics. Neither one of us are much into all of that. I can say we do have gay friends who we hang out with often, so I can't imagine him having a problem with gay marriage."

I'm getting annoyed fast and just want to leave. I scan the area looking for Aaron when Cain waltzes up.

"So when's the date?" He gives me that million dollar Colgate smile of his and Landry looks up at him all dreamily. I see Macie eyeball him and then Landry too. I guess she doesn't like Landry much.

"They haven't chosen a date yet," Macie answers for me.

"Oh, I see. Well, I have to say, Neme we are pleased you'll be joining the family." He winks at me and raises his glass.

"Um, thank you Cain. That's nice of you to say."

Aaron shows up just in time. I'm about at my wits end trying to be cordial and accommodating to his siblings who do nothing but make me feel uncomfortable.

"You ready to head out Babe?"

God, I thought he'd never ask.

"Yes, I'm pretty beat."

We say our goodbyes and finally make it out to the car and I can finally let out the breath I feel like I've been holding in the entire evening.

"That wasn't bad at all now was it? You got all stressed over nothing." Aaron opens the car door for me; always ever so much the gentleman.

"No, it was just fine. You know me. I worry enough for the both of us." I get in the car and he shuts the door. I buckle up and sigh. I love Aaron with all my heart. I hope I can love his family one day too.


Over the next few weeks we do end up deciding that I'll move in with him and I'll be honest, I was relieved. The cramped little apartment I was living in wasn't the greatest place to live. Aaron has a beautiful condo in the city with a gorgeous view from his balcony. We also stopped by my mother's and shared the happy news with her. She was thrilled but her health seems to be declining more and more every time I see her. I really wish she would sell that huge house she lives in all alone and agree to move into a place that requires less upkeep. When my dad passed away I was sure she would sell but the house has been in our family for over a hundred years and she says she'll never sell. It's a big eighteen hundreds Victorian home on ten acres. It needs several upgrades and some TLC but other than that it's a beautiful home. Aaron and I graduate this year and then we plan to set a date for the wedding and then we'll be looking to buy a home of our own.

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