Chapter 8: The Sleepover

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                 I got the guest rooms ready and showed everyone to the guest rooms, glad that most of them were upstairs. I sat in the living room after everyone had been situated and had a spoon full of peanut butter in my mouth. Dimitri had gone upstairs earlier when he said he was tired, but I was too restless.

"You too?" Lissa asked, joining me. I nodded and got another spoonful.


"Are you happy? With this life?" She asked.

"Of course. I love Dimitri and he loves me."

"So, anything else different?" She asked.

"I'm Catholic now. I have a family. My hair's longer." I shrugged and rubbed my stomach.

"Rose, um, I'm sorry. I never meant what I said then." She said. She had told me she never wanted to see me again and that I should do the world a favor and not mess up next time I tried to kill myself. Yeah, bad fallout. Despite that, I didn't care.

"You did. Then at least. I could feel it."


"I don't feel you that much anymore. I just tuned you out until I didn't feel you. I can feel you every once and a while." I said.


"How's stuff with Christian?" I asked.

"Good. We're getting married in June. And Adrian is getting married in September."

"To who?"

"A human named Sydney."


"Yeah. He really loves her." She said and showed me a picture on her phone. Sydney, an alchemist apparently, wore the golden tattoo that labelled her but if she was with Adrian, I guess she quit.

"Anything else?" I asked.

"Eddie got my half sister pregnant." I nearly choked on peanut butter.

"Wait, what?"

"So, my dad cheated on my mom and I have a half sister. You remember Jailbait? Her. Eddie got her pregnant last year."

"How old was she?"

"Eighteen. I'm pretty sure it was her birthday." Lissa snickered.

"See, I'm a good example."

"You were not eighteen."

"I was almost eighteen. And I was eighteen when we left."

"Three months away from being eighteen is not almost." She corrected.

"You didn't have Dimitri teasing you. I'm surprised we waited that long." I heard someone walking in from the master, my, bedroom.

"Hey, babe." Dimitri said in Russian

"Hey. I thought you were going to sleep." I said and made room for him on the couch though he didn't sit.

"I was but then I got hungry. You should be going to sleep soon." He teased.

"I will but I am seriously craving peanut butter." I said. He smiled and kissed my cheek.

"I love you." He whispered in my ear.

"I love you too." I tilted my head back since he was behind the couch where I sat before he kissed me lightly.

"Anything else new?"

"Tasha is dating some moroi. But she was a bit too eager when she found out Dimitri was here." Lissa whispered to me.

"Don't surprise me." I muttered. Dimitri was in the kitchen, getting something to eat.

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