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No Title Fits

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Friends forever~lovers for eternity

Was how it started and seemed to be

The essence of it still swirls

Began so simple and innocent

Chemistry and emotions

Resembled apple and cinnamon

Envied by many~many tried to ruin

What was held no one had nor understood

I didn't want or understand the final outcome

The look in your eyes tells everything

But actions, attempted to be covered by playful banter

One side shown

Another hidden

Is it meant to be so difficult?

Every moment~every memory

Floats in the subconscious

The playful distraction

The playful debates

Implied comments

The long conversations

Easy to express and meaningful

The comfort

The security

The moon~the stars

The first time

The first words

The first touch

The first one

From the first kiss

Possibly fading

Clouded by the broken seas

Rather return to the place where we first met

Start over with a new beginning

And possibly have a different ending.

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