The closet

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As you went in the closet, you could hear Alicia stomping her feet and whispering some crazy crap to herself. But you didn't care, because you were with Jacob in the closet, which felt like hours. For 3 minutes or something, it was silent. Just random snickering. Jacob finally blurted out, "Alicia can be a bitch huh?" while laughing. "Yeah, and really annoying. But all your other friends are nice." you replied. Jacob just laughed and didn't talk for another minute, which left 3 minutes. He finally said something, "Ever since I met you, I just knew there was something different about you. Different from all the other girls I ever saw, your sweet, funny and only out going around people you know [You laugh and blush] . "You can't be serious, right?" you say as you laugh. He looks at you seriously and says, " Why would I ever lie to you, I haven't even meet you a couple weeks ago and i feel like i've known you for years." Jacob grabs your face in a ever so gentle way and kisses you. Your shocked and scared and all you could think about was if your breath smelled bad. Scared, you pushed away and there was an awkward silence, till Jacob said, "I'm sorry, I don't know what got into me." You respond, "It's ok ... Is the seven minutes over yet?" Jacobs responds yes and as soon as he opens the door, Alicia is standing right at the door with an angry face.
Alicia looks you in the eye and says angrily, "Listen here you ugly bitch, I don't know who you think you are, but i've known Jacob for years and he would never like a slut like you. All you did was sit next to him in class and you got his number!? What did you do to convince him, send nudes or something?" Jacob pushes Alicia away and says, "Alicia stop, I think you should leave." You stare at Jacob then Alicia for a couple of seconds but it feels like a whole hour passed by, "Jacob I didn't- didn't-do-I---" you stutter before running out the door. All your emotions are mixed. Your happy but scared and upset all at once, you can't take it anymore. While running you hear Jacob call Y/N but all you can think about is what Alicia said. Even though you know that you aren't a slut or ugly, she made you think otherwise. What if Jacob sees you that way, and all he said in the closet will be nothing to him tomorrow. You start crying.
Authors Note: Not much of a cliffhanger but hey guys omg 2k views i'm so happy!! I stopped the chapters because i only had like 30 views and i never got alerts from my comments. 😭 Sorry guys. I'll continue if you guys liked this and leave some ideas 😚 B.K.

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